Joker in the pack

The Joker is a sensation! The Joker Voucher allows you an ample and flexible, schooling and hire program for windsurfing, kite surfing, surfing and SUP...

From now on you can prebook the "Joker" at ION CLUB for only 430,- per week!

There is no catch! We offer the "Joker" that you can get closer to all sports and profit more from your holiday. With this voucher you can simply arrive at the center, check out the conditions and make a spontaneous decision - this couldn't be more relaxing for you.

Start the day with a few nice waves to ride, followed-up by some kitesurfing and then round off the day with a session of windsurfing or SUP!

Windsurfing Rental and Lessons Kitesurfing Lessons and Rental

Surfing Lessons and Rental Stand Up Paddling Rental and Lessons

A program of lessons combining kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing and SUP for 5 days a week

  • Full rental for 7 days a week.
  • Kite-surfing rental from upwind level 3 (being able to stay and sail upwind)
  • A minimum of one lesson offered per sport and per day
  • The Joker Voucher cannot be refunded if it hasn't been used
  • Flexibility - no booked board.

The Joker-Voucher, which covers all three sports for a mere 430, - a week, can now be used at the following stations:

  • Essaouira: June, September until March
  • Mauritius Le Morne: February, March
  • Safaga (except surfing): December, January, February
  • Sal: May, October, November

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