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The bay of Santa Maria is located on the southern tip of Sal Island and the long, fine-grained sandy beach extends over more than 4 kilometers. Thanks to their position within the winter trade wind belt, the Cape Verde Islands boast perfect wind and wave conditions from November until May.

The spot is unbelievably varied: in front of the center the water is a little choppy with some shorebreak. The team is always happy to help you carry your material into and out of the water to ensure that you pass the shorebreak without any problems. Further out there is a nice swell for wave novices.

We are based in St. Maria with a mini center (ION CLUB Santa Maria). Fortunately, this means that we can offer all of our usual services here – with the small exception that for Windsurfing we only offer Beginner Training and Rental of big boards (145 liters and above is limited); smaller boards and Lesson for all Level are available at ION CLUB Ponta Leme only. Shuttles from the hotels to ION CLUB Ponta Leme and the taxi shuttle to Kite Beach will all be arranged from ION CLUB Santa Maria or Ponta Leme.

In front of the ION CLUB Ponta Leme there is a more constant wind due to the lower wind cover. Nevertheless, we offer our Shorebreak service at both stations. At ION CLUB Ponta Leme is also the ideal entry to the Wavespot at the point - due to the offshore wind here you can expect here the best wave conditions.


wind and waves

The cross-offshore or side-onshore wind from the left enables effortless upwind sailing to the various sections of the beach. From the ION CLUB Ponta Leme you can sail directly from the flat water section into the fantastic wave spot of Ponta Leme. For kitesurfers, who don’t want to kite in the bay of Santa Maria, we organize daily taxi-shuttle to the kite beach with certain small fee what is charged locally or can be booked in advance. The best wave conditions are between December and April.


The centers

Our center ION CLUB Santa Maria is located right on the beautiful beach of Santa Maria. With the finest sandy beaches and boundless space, we can proudly say that we have by far the best location in the bay. At this center we can offer Windsurfing Beginner Training and windsurf-equipment rental for big boards (above 145liters), and of course rental and lessons for kitesurfing (all level), surfing & SUP. 

Kitesurfing rental is only available for experienced Kitesurfers at ION CLUB Santa Maria due to the conditions, however ION CLUB guests can ride upwind from the Santa Maria center to enjoy the perfect flat water on the inside of the bay or can join our Taxi Shuttle to Kitebeach or the waves at the point. Kitesurflesson are available for all level!

Our second center ION CLUB Ponta Leme is situated on the east side of the bay of Santa Maria and is about 10 minutes walk from the ION CLUB St. Maria station. At ION CLUB Ponta Leme we offer lesson and rental for Windsurfing (lesson for all level; rental of boards smaller than 145liter), Surfing and SUP.



Kids tuition - only in low season - in Sal is not very easy during the winter season as the sea can be pretty rough. When the sea-conditions are easy, we can offer kids tuition on a wide sandy beach without any rocks and sideshore wind from the left.

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