Cabarete is subject to a significant variability of changing conditions caused by factors such as swell direction, swell size, wind direction, size of beach and kite traffic density. Swell with north- to northeasterly direction for instance can cause insuperable shorebreak on some spots while simultaneously there is complete flatwater on others. Wind from east to southeast often generates very gusty windconditions in the downwindpart of the kitezone while the wind blows constantly in the upwindpart. Depending on the prevailing swelldirection of the respective season the beaches of some spots diminish drastically not allowing proper kitelanding -launching or safe teaching. Simultaneously other beaches are widened up to the double of their previous size. Our ION CLUB kitesurf center is located at the ground of the Frontloop Restaurant. Our kitecamp is usually pitched on site between the all-inclusive-resort Viva Wyndham Tangerine and the luxurious Boutique Hotel Ultravioleta.

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Oli also offers his exclusive delivery service, and each guest receives their kite equipment at their doorstep, or preferred kite spot. Communication via mobile and whats app.

Quantity of boards: approx. 25

Twintip: Jaime, X-Ride, Gonzales
Directional Waveboards, ProSeries, Wam, Foil

Quantity of kites: approx. 35, sizes 5 - 15
Neo, Dice, Evo,  Juice

Starter, Intermediate, Riding upwind


  • We recommend all kiters, especially beginners and advanced riders to profit from our individual spot-recommendation on site.
  • The fact that side-onshore wind on almost all spots guarantees your safety.
  • There is a perfect spot to ride, improve and enjoy at any season of the year. To those of you who have taken sufficient lessons already but are not yet quite independant or confident we recommend to take our SUPERVISE SERVICE

Boards: Gonzales/ X-Ride  Kites: Neo/ Dice

Freerider, Bump & Jump, Transitions, first jumps


  • It is recommendable for all jump novices to stay inside of the bay.
  • Side-onshore wind makes your session perfectly safe.
  • There are plenty of ramps to use for all kiters who don't want to load their kite fully. After that all "air trainees" will be able to enjoy first flights with kitesupport.
  • Further outside a rolling groundswell lets you go for some breathtaking altitude airtime. We recommend to take advantage of the round, soft groundswell behind the reefbelt for carving.

Boards: Gonzales/ X-Ride/ Jaime alle Größen. Kites: Dice/ Neo

Freestyle, new school tricks & jumps (unhooked)


  • Overall the Cabarete Bay offers mainly bump-and-jump conditions except in the reefbelt with breaking surf.
  • Nevertheless you can always find the perfect playground for all sorts of tricks.
  • With smaller swell the outside reef offers awesome kickers and in between the small breaking surf you find smoothest flatwater.
  • With larger swell the rolling waves form areas of perfect flatwater which invite to big air moves.
  • With a big swellperiod there is also flatwater close to the shore. If you pull tricks close to the shore please take care of students, beginners and riders who launch or land.

Boards: Teamseries & Jaime alle Größen/ Kites: Neo/ Dice

Wave Novices, Transitions & jumps with directional boards


  • The bay of Cabarete is the perfect place to make first contact with strapless riding.
  • There is a lot of space for the practice of tacking and jibing-maneuvers.
  • Chop serves as first ramps for strapless jumps. Step by step you can venture into the breaking waves at the outer reef.
  • In case of a wipeout the side-onshore wind pushes you straight out of the surf into the security of the bay. The breaking waves are running out smoothly into the bay.
  • The distance to the outside reefbelt is depending on the spot between 400 and 1000 meter.

Boards: Whip/ Nugget/ WAM. Kites: Neo/ Dice

Wave Experts, experience in waveriding and crossing breaking surf


  • There is always some surf in the outer reefbelt of Cabarete for shredding, from the smallest windswell to powerful big sets. During summermonths averagely 1-2 meter swell, during wintermonths 2-4 meters.
  • The best surf of the day/hour depends on swell direction, -size, wind direction and tidal range.
  • The same for the location of channels for crossing the reef or existance of currents. For precise information please contact us on site.

Boards: all Wavedirectionals/ WAM/ Kontact/ Pro Series. Kites: Neo/ Dice

Kitesurf Instuction

At our professional wind and - kitesurfing centres, you will start out by learning the perfect technique for handling the kite before you're allowed to take off for the first time, and you will acquire all the skills needed to skim over the water after only a few hours and learn the basics of high jumps.
"Cruising", as it is called, can be a lot of fun, too - you don't need to make daring jumps from the word 'go'.
Our centres always provide the latest and best North Kiteboarding equipment. Each centre carries kites and boards specially geared to beginners' instruction. It goes without saying that we use the most up-to-date safety systems, and our experienced and fully certified instructors teach kitesurfing in an environment characterized by a maximum of safety, allowing you to learn the sport without danger or frustration.
We offer group courses with a maximum of 4 students, semi-private courses with 2 students and private courses. This gives you an opportunity to try your hand at this exciting sport. After completing this course, you will usually already have mastered the control of the kite and, with a little bit of luck, be able to cruise to and fro.

By the way, kitesurfing and windsurfing ideally complement each other – try both! Do you feel an urge to try out this sport? Do you want to become the master of the kite, get ready for extreme jumps and be airborne? Then take off with us…

Private Beginner or Advanced

2h/ 4h/ 6h/ 10h

If you want to be trained more individually you have the possibility to book private lessons (1 on 1). The instructor will have his total focus on you and will make you progress in the best way you learn. It doesn´t matter if you start as a beginner or you want to learn advanced maneuvers, we will make you achieve your goals!

Main Subjects:
Reach your target/ Your choice


Semi-Private Beginner

4h/ 6h/ 10h/ 14h (2 participants)

Our semi-private lessons for starter, intermediate, advanced and experts (2 students with a kite each) gives you a 100% time on the kite. Because of fast progression you´ll have the chance to hit the water within the first 2 hours

Main Subjects:
Kite control/ Bodydrag / Waterstart


Semi-Private Advanced

4h/ 6h/ 10h/ 14h (2 participants)

Intermediates will find the right conditions to learn how to stay upwind, changing direction or even pushing for the first jumps. Advanced kitesurfers will also appreciate the brilliant conditions to improve their level. Flat water will give you the chance for big air, unhooked maneuvers or handle-passes, these will also be taught by our professional instructors.

Main Subjects: 
Perfect the waterstart/ Controlled riding/ Upwind riding


Group Lesson

6h/ 10h/ 14h (max. 4 participants)

Our group lessons for starter, intermediate and advanced (4 students maximum) gives you the possibility to learn from each other and to help others.

Main Subjects:
Kite control/ Bodydrag / Waterstart/ Waveriding






Ion Club Ambassador Program

Our ION CLUB Ambassador Program is inviting you to help us to help our teams today and to windsurf and/or kitesurf with us tomorrow.

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