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Everybody is talking about it! Foil Boarding, Foiling or Kiteboarding on a Foil. However you want to call it, Foil Boarding is the new Trend in Kiteboarding! Like every new Trend Foil Boarding developed from being very "experimental" and let´s be honest, not entirely safe, to a nowadays very accessible and breathtaking new form of Kiteboarding.

All the major kiteboarding brands have done their homework and offering now Foilboards, which are rather easy and safe to use. Prices which used to be extremely high in the beginning, starting to drop significantly, making Foilboards in Kiteing very affordable. 

We've been experimenting with Foiling since more than one year now, trying all sorts of different shapes and trying to develop a lesson program to teach foiling safely. After lots of Test Students and hours of teaching, during we often learned more than our students, we now have a program which is safe and gets everybody who is able to ride safely upwind on the board and flying within 4-6 hours. 



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