Ion Club Essaouira // Kitesurfing In Essaouira

ION CLUB ESSAOUIRA // Kitesurfing in Essaouira

On arrival in Essaouira there is a full 27 knots blowing, with a tendency to increase...

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Ion Club Essaouira // Surfers Paradise

ION CLUB Essaouira // Surfers Paradise

The beach area in front of the center is perfect for all surf beginners...

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Ion Club Essaouira // Tiger And Camel

ion club essaouira // Tiger and Camel

Each beginning is difficult says the Camel to the Tiger ...

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Ion Club Essaouira // The Joker

ION CLUB Essaouira // The Joker

The Joker Voucher has been our best product ...

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Ion Club Essaouira // Surf'n Play

ION CLUB Essaouira // Surf'n Play

The Surf´n´Play programe has been designed for children from 8 years old who would like to get an introduction into 3 watersports during their holidays: Windsurfing,...

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Ion Club Essaouira // Surf & Skate

ion club essaouira // Surf & Skate

... and now children between 8 and 14 years can learn surfing in combination with skating ...

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Ion Club Essaouira // One Surf – One Trash

ION CLUB ESSAOUIRA // One surf – one trash

One surf, one trash idea is to bring one piece of trash after your surf session...

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Ion Club Essaouira // Biking & Surfing

ion club essaouira // Biking & surfing

ION CLUB Essaouira has been renting out mountain-bikes since last year ...

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Ion Club Essaouira // Morocco – Wind, Waves, Desert And The Fairy Tale Of 1001 Nights  

ION CLUB ESSAOUIRA // Morocco – wind, waves, desert and the fairy tale of 1001 nights  

Essaouira - Town of the wind and the seagulls 

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Ion Club Home Of Surfing Elements // 365 Days

ion club home of surfing elements // 365 days

It is hard to believe but it is one year ago that we made our new start...

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