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On arrival in Essaouira there is a full 27 knots blowing, with a tendency to increase. Rough conditions on the water – so accordingly few take up the challenge for Windsurfing and Kitesurfing. It foams and bubbles. The turbulent water is more sand-coloured than turquoise, and looks quite impressive. 

I have time to talk to Martin. He has been center manager here at ION CLUB Essaouira since 2012. Martin has been in Morocco since 1999, and before that he spent 5 years in West Africa for a software developer. There he gained a lot of experience, but was always separated from his wife.  

He changed that in 2012 and settled in with Cäcile, 20 kilometres from Essaouira. In 2013 their daughter Candice is born ... a turbulent start for the young parents. In the meantime, the center is running so perfectly by itself that Martin manages to train for the Iron Man and in between participating in the trail running on the Toubkal with 4176 meters of altitude difference. 


The center is currently being renovated step by step. A large platform in front of the station on the long side to the restaurant can be used for yoga in the morning. During the day, the beanbags and deckchairs are located here. Below this, generous storage facilities are offered - 12 new storage spaces have been created. Further storage spaces are planned.


Opposite, the entire windsurfing and kitesurfing equipment is accommodated. Also, a small viewing platform for observation is planned which will be wind and sun protected. The new Duotone sails, the new Fanatic boards and the Duotone kites will find a shady place afterwards. There will also be significant changes at the station. A breakthrough to the restaurant has been created. With a lot of glass and wood everything appears light and transparent.   


For this work the bikes needed to be relocated to another room with a workplace for all guests who can't resist. Even if you sit with your back to the window so you don't get distracted – it´s impossible - a huge mirror shows you the best view. A "Chill-out-Area" with the best views has been created, a great place to hang out protected from the wind. Also the shop gets a new disguise for the selection of shirts, flip-flops, sunglasses, wetsuits and sun milk. A new glass door lets in warm daylight and makes the room appear bigger. If you walk through it and outside you will find the skate ramp for the kids, as well as the new space for the bikes. As a further service this season, Moujahide will be taking photos of the guests' skills and progress. 


The Ocean Vagabond Restaurant has been decorated with a creative hand. Maryline, the restaurant boss has everything firmly under control. The kitchen offers international and always fresh organic cuisine, from oysters to hamburgers to Thai-influenced salads. Under lush mimosa trees you can enjoy everything from shade to sun. There are sunbeds in the front row where you can enjoy the wind and the view to the full.




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Our ION CLUB Ambassador Program is inviting you to help us to help our teams today and to windsurf and/or kitesurf with us tomorrow.

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