Ion Club Dakhla Lagoon // Fresh Colors , Fresh Team

ION CLUB DAKHLA LAGOON // Fresh colors , fresh Team

A lot has changed, it has been diligently renovated...

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Ion Club Dakhla // Bb Talkin Waterproof Communication

ION CLUB Dakhla // BB Talkin waterproof communication

...the benefits of this communication system is exceptional...

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Ion Club Kite-Surf-Yoga Experience // Kirsty Jones Dakhla Lagoon

ION CLUB Kite-Surf-Yoga Experience // KIRSTY JONES Dakhla Lagoon

This year we are proud to offer more events in September, November, December and February 2018/19 with Kirsty Jones ...

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Ion Club Dakhla // Goosebumps...

ION CLUB Dakhla // Goosebumps...

Goosebumps ...

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Ion Club Dakhla // Fatbike Excursion

ion club dakhla // Fatbike Excursion

Fatbike Xperience ...

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Ion Club Dakhla // Excursion

ION CLUB Dakhla // Excursion


Read More 24.10.17
Ion Club Dakhla // All Year Spot

ION CLUB Dakhla // All year Spot

The spot itself is very popular all year round ...

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Ion Club Home Of Surfing Elements // 365 Days

ion club home of surfing elements // 365 days

It is hard to believe but it is one year ago that we made our new start...

Read More 12.10.16
Pump & Go


Straight down to the water, unpack, pump up and start...  

Read More 18.05.16
The World Of Yoga In Dakhla

THE World of Yoga in Dakhla

Our resident Yoga teacher Kirsty Jones is a multiple World Champion ...

Read More 10.02.16

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