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Fuerteventura is bringing you a further highlight. Since July 2014 our new ION CLUB Center at Costa Calma has been opened, offering our guests an ideal combination with our partner Center at Risco del Paso. Costa Calma’s name suggests a place of tranquility, but you will need to experience it before making up your own mind. For windsurfers, especially those with families or non-surfing partners or friends, this is an ideal spot. ION CLUB Costa Calma could also be called the ION CLUB Short Cut, because our partner hotels, the SBH Group, are mostly only a short walk away. The SBH Costa Calma Palace and Monica Beach hotels are especially close - right behind the Center – so making good use of their facilities could not be easier.

Families in particular will like Costa Calma. Many hotels have a special focus on their smaller guests, with Kids’ Clubs, animation programmes and children’s pools with large slides. Exciting play areas are also not to be missed. A further, and not inconsiderable, argument is simply the huge, fine-grained sandy beach which slopes gently into the sea. Our ION CLUB Center is also well stocked with excellent, child friendly equipment. Lightweight North kiddy rigs starting at one square metre in size mean that even six year olds can start windsurfing – assuming that they can swim, of course. Their parents - or adults in general - as well as teenagers will find learning windsurfing here particularly easy. Windsurfing training takes place in Spanish, English, German, Italian or French with VDWS or similarly internationally certified and experienced instructors. Advanced and experienced windsurfers will generally find freeride conditions here. The cross offshore wind is gusty close to the beach, but further out much more constant. Many windsurfers really enjoy it here, in comparison with other spots in the south of Fuerteventura, mainly because there is not the mass of windsurfers on the water as there can be elsewhere. Your safety is, as in all ION CLUB Centers, assured: here there is a life-guard team equipped with a jetski on the beach. The Center has mainly Fanatic Freeride boards of between 100 to 140 litres. If, however, you hanker after the ION CLUB Center at Risco del Paso, then, depending on availability, you can windsurf there at any time you please. Naturally, there are no additional costs for you to do this.


Right behind our ION CLUB Centre at Costa Calma are the SBH hotels Hotel Monica Beach und Costa Calma Palace. Monica Beach is an all inclusive set-up with double rooms and family apartments. For the double rooms we always recommend the Superior rooms with sea views. Families will very much like the apartments and their separate bedroom. If you are looking for a little more class then the SBH Costa Calma Palace is our recommendation: it has a particularly nice garden and pool area and the spa has a lot of special treatments, so perfect for your non-windsurfing partner. This is right next door to the Hotel Monica Beach but is only available with half board.


A special occasion each week is a BBQ which takes place with the guests from both centres. Whether young or old, entry-level or expert, this is a really nice evening amongst people who love the sport, including a number of our Team members – of course.



Ion Club Ambassador Program

Our ION CLUB Ambassador Program is inviting you to help us to help our teams today and to windsurf and/or kitesurf with us tomorrow.

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