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Free Wave STB – classic meets innovation

For years the Fanatic Freewave has been one of the most requested boards at our centres. The ease of use has set a benchmark both on flat water and for wave novices. The shape hasn’t been changed over the last years, because there was nothing to improve. The only way to get a better board would have been to search for a completely new concept. With the development of the Fanatic Stubby TE finally there came some enlightenment into how to better this board. This new radical concept with straighter parallel rails, a shorter and broader nose and a wide tail made the new Feewave STB TE faster, and at the same time better to control. The board feels looser on the water compared to the conventional Freewave, and thus more agile and lively, no matter what the conditions. Tight, fully planing jibes are way easier than before. It is important to note that the board is still very easy to sail, and nobody needs to worry that the board might be too difficult, too special or too demanding. The footstrap positions are exactly where everybody would expect them to be. The Freewave STB TE works as easily as the traditional Freewave, just the feeling is more lively, faster and so brings a broader smile to the riders face! Don’t be shy – just try! 


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