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Christmas in June at ION CLUB Mauritius 

What is nicer than unpacking packages? Grip, Gecko, Skate ....


"If you’re an experienced wave sailor facing a lot of ›average‹ days, then the Stubby is what you want. If you’re a wave newbie, the extra length and width of the TriWave will give some additional stability. The Quad targets the experienced wave sailor who gets to sail in ›better‹ waves more frequently.The FreeWave STB is the next level cross-over shape from flat water to smaller waves, mainly for the rider who wants one board that fits all. If you prefer the classic outline rather than a crisp, more sporty ride, or you’re looking for that extra forgiving length and smooth turning, then we still offer the classic FreeWave.The Blast is placed right between the easy going Gecko and the lightning fast Falcons. If you want the next step up from your Gecko or classic Freerider, but don’t want to fight with your gear and bring the physics to the limit, then Blast is your board! It’s made for the rider who wants to overtake their buddies with ease and nothing but a smile on his face. Sporty ›Freeride 2.0‹!"

Klaas Voget - here Interview


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