The wind is modest in the morning and gains strength at midday under the influence of the trade wind. The best wind conditions are in January–March and June–September. The offshore reef is about 600 metres off the beach and the flat water stretching inbetween is all that slalom enthusiasts could wish for. From May–October the wind blows mainly sideshore from the right at 4-5 Beaufort. From November–April it mainly blows cross-offshore from the right and is less constant, but instead wave freaks can ride down waves up to 4 metres high. At this time, the conditions are perfect for intermediate wave riders and wave freaks. Upwind of the center there is a shallow water section where beginners and intermediates feel comfortable and the tuition conditions are excellent. Beginners and intermediates can practice close to the shore while more experienced windsurfers can conquer the waves on the reef. Thanks to the mobile kitesurfing school it is always possible to choose the perfect spot depending upon the wind and wave conditions as well as your individual needs. In this way we can guarantee ultimate fun for kitesurfers of all levels. Surfing is regarded as a great alternative for all windsurfers and kitesurfers, and Cabarete has always been a hot surfing spot. The beginners spot, where the waves break on a sand bank, is only 5 minutes away from the center. The shallow water allows you to easily walk through the waves. Directly in front of the Velero Beach Hotel is a spot suitable for intermediates. On top of that, we offer tuition for all levels.

Beginners, advanced beginners from going upwind, tacking, sailing without dagger, basic jibe, waterstart


  • We are located at the perfect spot protected from waves and with security distance to the kitezone and shorebreak.
  • Drifting downwind is no security issue and you can concentrate fully on your progress to the next level of ability.

All daggerboards f.e Viper

Freerider, Bump & Jump, Harness and Footstraps


  • Our spot invites you to do long reaches. The distance to the outside reef with breaking waves is 1000 meters. Especially with the main winddirection of northeast- to easterly winds we profit majorly from our small, upwind reefbelt which protects our spot from waves and currents.
  • The first 400 meters off the shore are especially suitable for planning-practice and footstraps training. All freeriders can easily and smoothly get used to and confident with waves further outside where we have a beautifully mallow, round groundswell.

Gecko/ Freewave

Freestyle, old & new school tricks


  • Carving- best tricks to pull are on flatwater on a short distance-reach, about 100 meters off shore.
  • Further outside great bump-and-jump-conditions invite to do jumped tricks and air-manouvers (appr.600 m). The subsequent groundswell offers perfect support and conditions for all planning maneuvers/tricks.


Wave Beginner, first wave-rides by planing with support of the push of a wave


  • Wave novices find perfect requirements for an easy wave access at our spot. You can sail slowly from groundswell into breaking waves.
  • A big channel allows to get out easily without having to cross all breaking waves and lots of whitewater.
  • You can sail passed the breaking wave with security distance. Sailing back into the bay you choose a wave outside, bear away and enjoy your first waveride on the legendary Cabarete reef!
  • The depths of the reef in the upwindpart of the reefbelt is 2 to 4 meters which makes it perfectly safe in case of any wipeouts.

Freewave/ Freewave Stubby

Wave Experts, jumping, waveriding (frontsite-backsite)


  • Wave experts find great waveriding conditions for front- and backside-riding in the center and downwindpart of the reefbelt where the reef becomes more shallow.
  • The waves can unroll more power and due to a curve in the reefbelt at this place, the waves build in a perfect angle for waveriding and jumping.
  • Attention only in the low downwind-part of the reefbelt where the depth is only 1 m which can potentially allow contact with the reef.

Freewave/ Freewave Stubby

Windsurf Instruction

At our professional wind - and kitesurfing centres you will learn perfect board control and everything that goes with it, so you will be gliding over the water in no time.

Our centres are always equipped with the latest and greatest Fanatic equipment. Super lightweight sails for adults, and special children's material is available at all ION CLUB Centers. Beginners are trained as far as possible in shallow water, so a speedy learning success is guaranteed. From the beach start to freestyle moves, everything can be learned at our centers. We use the latest security devices, and our experienced and qualified VDWS trained instructors teach windsurfing with maximum security, allowing you to get to know the sport without danger or frustration.

Lessons are available in group courses with a maximum of 6 students, semi - private lessons with 2 students and private one-to-one lessons.

Windsurfing priority rules and theoretical knowledge about safety is also included in the courses, and upon completion you will receive a VDWS basic certificate which is internationally recognized. From rigging and understanding the equipment, to tacking and jibing, you will learn everything you need to complete this exciting experience safely. In the next training step you will optimize what has already been learned, as well as learning new techniques which will help you to save your power and get more from your sessions.

Windsurfing is a lot of fun, and kitesurfing is also great fun - why not try both! With knowledge of these 2 sports you will minimize your time sitting in the beach waiting for wind! Excited? If you want to be a lord of the wind, fly across the water and jump through the air then come to us!

Starter & Refresher Training

3h/ 4h/ 5h/ 6h/ 10h

If you always wanted to try windsurfing but you´re not sure whether you will like it or you have done it before and would like to learn more, then the starter training is the perfect start for a windsurfing career.


Advanced Training

2h/ 4h/ 6h/ 10h

This training is perfect for you if you want to learn a certain manoeuvre or if you want to learn something new.


Semi-Privat Lesson

1h/ 2h/ 4h/ 6h/ 10h/ 14h (2 participants)

Our semi-private lessons for starter, intermediate, advanced and experts


Private Lesson

1 h/ 4h/ 10h

If you want to be trained more individually you have the possibility to book private lessons (1 on 1). The instructor will have his total focus on you and will make you progress in the best way you learn. It doesn´t matter if you start as a beginner or you want to learn advanced maneuvers, we will make you achieve your goals!


Kids & Youngster Training

2h/ 4h/ 5h/ 6h/ 10h

Our kids´ courses are especially designed for the youngest ones and guarantee safety, successful learning and a lot of fun with windsurfing. Moreover they are being handled flexible and take place in very small groups. A full program of fun and games make the course a great experience for kids & youngsters – because the most important thing for us is that they really enjoy what they are doing! Each kid will be integrated in the group in order to make new friends, feel comfortable and discover the fascination of windsurfing.



Ion Club Ambassador Program

Our ION CLUB Ambassador Program is inviting you to help us to help our teams today and to windsurf and/or kitesurf with us tomorrow.

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