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by Tom Brendt


For us, Fuerteventura is much more than the Island of the strong winds (translation for Fuerte Ventura). Almost twenty years ago Costa Calma in the south of the Island became one of our first Destinations to hold our Clinics

We have been teaching at Costa Calma mainly, but not without taking a look and some sessions at Risco del Paso a bit further down south. It is the huge variety of the Spots and the reliable winds that make us come back ever since, back to Island of the amazing beaches and the turquois water.

A couple of years ago ION CLUB opened at both Spots, Costa Calma and Risco del Paso and we found the ideal partner, with top Fanatic and Duotone gear and top professional teams, to run our Clinics.

By now we run our Clinics at Risco del Paso exclusively, but we also really enjoyed all those years at Costa Calma, a very big Spot and Windsurf area that never gets crowded. Of course, there is light and gusty wind close to shore, due to the big hotels as the ION CLUB Costa Calma is located right in the center of Costa Calma main bay. We liked the fact of having light wind and a sandbank close to the shore, very nice to learn waterstarts or for insecure Windsurfers, to meet and talk, before heading back out for practise.

Higher level Windsurfers normally should not have any trouble with the light and shaky wind to get in and out and on teh outside they will find a very nice and realxed Freeride Spot, as long as there is no bigger swell hitting the coast. With swell coming in, there are some nice ramps to jump, but also some very nice waves to ride on the inside, watch out for swimming areas.

The atmosphere at the Center is top, with some cafes and Restaurants right next door and with his central location very easy to access from any of the hotels.

The Spot at Risco del Paso is something completely different, with the big lagoon, ideal for beginners and intermediate Windsurfers, to learn with no stress as drifting is no issue in there.

Just walking few Stepps over a sandbank and you water your board on the open sea, a spot with a big variety conditions, with dead flat water close to the shore, perfect for Freestyle or some Speed runs, but watch out as there will be quite a lot of Windsurfers with the same idea.

Small swell, even the windswell, builds some nice and long waves over the sandbanks, nice to go for some first turns and carves on a wave. If the swell size increases, the waves get more powerful and difficult to ride, as the wind is offshore and creates quite some pressure in the sail during the turns.

The gear at ION CLUB is amazing, always the newest Fanatic and Duotone equipment and the Team will always be there to help and create a very nice atmosphere. 

At first, shadow places were quite an issue and a topic, but fortunately that has improved a lot, as the Spot is located quite far from the villages of Costa Calma or Morro Jable and spending all day here is more comfortable now and also the Shuttle Service works perfectly to organize your day however it is best for you.

There are too many good reasons to come back here year after year after year, maybe too many to mention all, but we will be back also in the future, that´s for sure.




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