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On May 5th 2015 the doors at the Center at Karpathos will open again for a new season full of action!
This is our opening special for Karpathos:

1 week windsurf equipment rental for 150 EUR per person

2 weeks windsurf equipment rental for 250 EUR per person

Also good news for our climbing fans and those who would like to become one; this year we will again offer the Surf & Climb Concept and it is expanded by Mountainbiking. 
In the heart of the southern Aegean a unique sports week awaits you. With the Surf & Climb concept you get the chance to experience two fascinating sports – windsurfing and climbing. Beginner or advanced, you will have great fun.

12.05.- 19.05.2015, 19.05.- 26.05.2015, 08.09.- 15.09.2015

Price: Euro 490

  • In a group with a maximum of 6 participants and a coach, the Surf & Climb week is intense but enjoyable.

  • On 6 days there will be Mountainbikes available
  • Depending on wind and weather conditions you will be either on the water or on the rocks.

  • The course consists of 3 days windsurfing and 3 days climbing.

Our advantage is our location! If there is not enough wind for windsurfing we can immediately be on the rocks. If the conditions are good for windsurfing, we can immediately be back on the water. There is no time spent waiting for wind – we get the maximum action out of this fantastic week!
Karpathos is an ideal spot for windsurfers, hikers and climbers – the windsurfers get their wind and two little tavernas in the south, and the hikers get lots of fantastic routes to discover and enjoy.

Windsurf tuition will take place at Chicken Bay, a sheltered bay with a standing area providing an ideal arena for all levels from novices to freestylers. Lessons are in small groups from our international and experienced instructors, and the teaching units will be 2 hours per day. For the rest of the day you can use the windsurf equipment for your own training.

Climbing will take place on the unique rock landscape of Karpathos. The climbing areas are all situated directly by the sea and are perfectly set up for beginners to advanced climbers. Our professional instructors will teach you to climb on secure independent top-rope-routes, knowledge about equipment and knots, safety techniques and safety partner-checks. You will also learn how to lead and secure a climb. We will go for some nice deep water solo climbs above the water, from where you can jump easily in the blue sea. So if you are sporty and a good swimmer, then this is the right combination for you.


  • All course members have to be sporty and good swimmers!

  • Windsurfing equipment and climbing equipment incl. climbing shoes are provided.

  • If the wind should be to less on some days – then we will be climbing at this time.



Ion Club Ambassador Program

Our ION CLUB Ambassador Program is inviting you to help us to help our teams today and to windsurf and/or kitesurf with us tomorrow.

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