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Without a doubt the Grenadines belong to the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean and are an absolute top destination for Kitesurfers and Windsurfers alike. White sandy beaches, protected lagoons with constant, steady trade winds make the Grenadines the perfect playground for Kiteboarders and Windsurfers of all levels. Our trip will start from St. Vincent from where we will set sail south, deeper into the little Antilles. Now if you were stunned by the beauty of St. Vincent, the Grenadines will blow your mind. The spots are out of this world. Mirror flat, crystal clear warm water, steady winds and best of all - nobody on the water to share the spot with. Our Catamaran will be anchored right on these spots. 


  • Dates: 17.02. - 24.02.2017
  • For who: All Kiteboarders who´re looking for a unique kitesurfing experience. Min. Level required: Body drags
  • Program Sailing & Kiteboarding Discovery Tour through the Grenadines, together with Pro Trainers, radio and video supported Kiteboarding Tuition. Long distance downwinders and Land based excursions, introduction into Yacht Sailing, sunrise yoga and more.
  • Specials: Foilboarding lessons and Tests
  • Yacht and Cruising Details: Sailing Catamaran for a max. of eight guest. Cruising from St. Vincent to the Grenadines and back. Sailing times won´t exceed more than two hours a day. Catamarans sail extremely stable and rough conditions are very unlikely at this time of year.
  • Price: 1699 Euro
  • Included in the price: Accommodation in a double cabin incl. breakfast on a sailing Catamaran, professional Skipper, Kite - and Windsurf Instructor. Seven days of event program, event video and personal action pics.
  • Staying longer? Staying longer or arriving earlier in the Caribbean is of course possible and we will be happy to make you an individual offer.
  • Touroperator is our partner Watersports Training



Exploring the Grenadines: We´re not staying on one spot! Our goal is to show you as much of the Grenadines as possible. We´ll be sailing or sometimes even kiting from one spot to the next to show you as much of this beautiful Kiteboarding location as possible.

Kiteboarding Lessons

Our Team of professional Instructors will spend every day in the water with you. We use video cameras, as well as radio tuition to give you detailed and instant feedback on your actions. Our teaching contents in the Grenadines range from Kiteboarding beginner lessons, to intermediate and advanced moves as well as foiling.

Sailing the Yacht

If you´re interested, our team will give you an introduction into yacht sailing during the week. Steering the boat, setting sails as well as basic navigation and night sailing are topics which can be addressed. If you need a mileage proof, our skipper will be able to sign it for you.

Fitness & Yoga

We like to add special designed fitness and yoga sessions to our program. Our will design those sessions not to make you tired for the day, but to stretch and train muscle groups which you don´t use in Kiteboarding.

Living at sea

There´s no better way to start a holiday than to step aboard a sailing yacht. Only a few minutes after leaving the harbour, usually everybody falls into a deep state of relaxation. The passages between the spots are not very far on Antigua. Most of the days we will sail approximately two hours to get to the next spot. If you really fall in love with one place, we might also stay for another day before setting sail again. 

Our crew will encourage you to participate in sailing the boat with us. If you´re interested, we will teach you how to sail and show you the basics of Navigation. Of course, that is entirely optional, if you prefer to simply chill out and enjoy the ride, - no problem. However free and beautiful living on boat might be, private space is very limited. To avoid stress, our crew will make sure that every day there will be plenty of time to get off the Yacht, either to spend time Kiteboarding or exploring all the little islands. 


Everybody talks about foiling today. It´s the single most discussed new development in Watersports in general. No matter if you look at Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, Stand Up Paddling or Sailing - everybody is experimenting with different foils and technologies. In the Grenadines, our Yacht will be equipped with different Kiteboarding Foilboards for you to test - and of course our instructors will be in the water with you to help you with your first "flying" experiences!


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Ion Club Ambassador Program

Our ION CLUB Ambassador Program is inviting you to help us to help our teams today and to windsurf and/or kitesurf with us tomorrow.

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