Ion Club Golf De Roses // Surf'n Play

ION CLUB Golf de Roses // Surf'n play

The Surf´n´Play programe has been designed for children from 8 years old who would like to get an introduction into 3 watersports during their holidays: Windsurfing,...

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Ion Cub Alps // The Ray Makes Women Happy!

ION CUB ALPS // The Ray makes women happy!

... and gives calluses on the hands - don’t forget your gloves!

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Ion Club Worldwide // The Joker

ION CLUB worldwide // The Joker

The Joker Voucher has been our best product...

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Ion Club Le Morne // The New Equipment Has Arrived!

ION CLUB Le Morne // The new equipment has arrived!

Finally - the new equipment has arrived ...

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Ion Club Karpathos // New Spot Video

ION CLUB Karpathos // New Spot Video

The latest Spot Video from Karpathos...

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Ion Club Safaga // Reopening Shams

ION CLUB Safaga // Reopening Shams

Reopening Shams Bungalows ...

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Ion Club Safaga // Every Time A Dream Spot!

ion club safaga // every time a dream spot!

Yola Bichler - Short visit in Safaga ...

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Ion Club Essaouira // Tiger And Camel

ion club essaouira // Tiger and Camel

Each beginning is difficult says the Camel to the Tiger ...

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Ion Club Le Morne // Enn Losean Vivab

ion club Le Morne // Enn Losean Vivab

We introduced 80 children to windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving and sailing, hopefully waking up ...

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Ion Cub Risco Del Paso // Freewave Stubby - Goosebump

ion cub risco del paso // freewave stubby - Goosebump

The Freewave STB TE works as easily as the traditional Freewave, just the feeling is more lively...

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