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Cedric and his team offer amazing downwinders to the White Dune, for those who can safely kite (level 3) and like an adventure! Our experienced trainers will encourage you with this excursion to spend more time on the water than ever.

Ocean Vagabond Dakhla

Ocean Vagabond Dakhla

Dakhla, Morocco

1 week in Pacha Lodge (double) with fullboard, incl. flight, transfer and travel service
from 990 € p.p.INFO & OFFER


  • The trip lasts for approximately 3 hours. We start from the ION CLUB center and need one and a half hours to reach the White Dune. We have 2 instructors (one as a guide at the front of the group and one at the end) plus one rescue boat. On arrival at the Dune we have a quick break and a snack, and then back on the water again for the some more fun! After packing the equipment on the boat we drive back to the center in a 4*4 with a short stop in "La Source" for a shower.
  • minimum people 4
  • price 35.-€/ per person



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