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Last summer at ION CLUB Fuerteventura we received some new 2018 equipment from North Sails and Fanatic. We wanted to offer our guests the opportunity to preview the latest toys produced by these two brands. During these months we collected their feedback and we tested the gear ourselves. I have to say that we loved it!

Free Wave Stubby and Free Wave Stubby Team Edition

This is the favourite board of our guests, not only during the strong wind summer days but also during the winter time in the bigger sizes. The biggest innovations for this year are a larger range of sizes, new graphics and one more construction option (the BXF light finish edition). 

For 2018 Fanatic stops producing the classic shape free wave and gives all its trust to the FW Stubby. First of all they added a new bigger size to the range, the 115 litres, apart from the 85, 95 and 105 already existing in 2017. A bigger size was missing last year in order to offer a board for the heavier riders or just an easy board for the intermediates that gets planing well. 

Renovated graphics are gray/black for the TXTREME construction, blue/white for the team edition and blue/light green/white for the light finish technology. Fanatic found the perfect mix between a radical wave board (the normal stubby) and an easy free ride board like the classic previous free wave.

The wide diamond shaped tail helps the early planing and gives a nice feeling of stability that you look for in a free ride board. The constant V and the light double concave keep the board under control even in choppy water. A quite neutral rocker line makes the board go fast. Sebastian Wenzel managed to mix these free ride characteristics together with some wave ones borrowed by the “sister” board, the classic Stubby. The square nose reduces the swinging in the change of direction. Straight parallel rails allow stable rail-to-rail riding. The footstraps setting further back (even if less than on the wave Stubby version) make the board pivot literally around the fin when needed.

To sum it up, it is a board that we are really enjoying. The team edition is for sure the best option for a rider that is looking for performance and stiffness, but we didn't have anything to complain about on the performances of the BXF light finish technology. Apart from from a small difference in weight, the two models are behaving over expectations. Fast and easy, this plug-and-play board is perfect for those looking for something with good performance in waves, but that doesn't require technical riding. 

North Sails SuperHero

“...I have tested hundreds of sails in my life and I can safely say that this is the best sail I've ever had in my hands for all-round wave action...” This is how Klaas Voget - PWA rider and Fanatic/North Sails team rider - describes the 2018 SuperHero.

I have personally used almost all the models of hero since 2013. I like the sail a lot but the new model for 2018 surprised me in a very positive way. Let's have a closer look at it.

The size range has been extended by two sizes, 6.3 and 6.7, not produced in 2017. A pure wave sail in the sizes from 3.0 up to 5.3 and a light free-ride sail from 5.7 to 6.7.

North Sails presents the new SuperHero as the ultimate all-in-one wave sail joining in one model the advantages of three, four and five battened sails.

The batten over the boom has been risen slightly up to make the central window bigger (free boom zone concept). This provides a soft central panel easy to pump and easy to be filled by the wind in underpowered conditions. Furthermore offers an “on-off” feeling during wave-riding, that is the possibility to make the sail neutral while manoeuvring on the wave. This is a classic characteristic of the three batten sail, to have power when you need it, but also to be able to reduce this power quickly when is not needed.

To compensate this aspect, North Sails added two mini-battens just under the longer batten, the hollow leach (negative leach) and the radial stripes starting from the clew. This makes the profile of the sail stable also in strong and gusty wind. 

Proof of the extremely wide range of use of this sail is the fact that the team riders are using the SuperHero in all the events of the world cup. From the nuclear side-on wind of the Canary Islands to the pure down-the-line wave-riding of Maui.

Compact and light, the new SuperHero has improved also in terms of durability. Unbreakable epoxy battens and the smallest mono-film window on the marker segment, will extend the life of this sail through time.

In March we will receive the delivery of the rest of 2018 equipment. There are some new entries also in the shapes of skates and in the wave boards with the brand new Grip. Plus a completely new model of sail, the SuperSession. 

Myself and all of the ION CLUB team is waiting for you to enjoy the paradise windsurfing venue of Risco del Paso and Costa Calma.

Piero Neri, Center Manager Risco del Paso



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