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 hot spot in summer and autum

From mid-May to the end of September the famous "Meltemi-Wind" blows from the north. In the morning with moderate wind force, it increases during the day. In autumn, the wind comes mainly from the south. The "Lodos" blows sideshore from the right. At this time nice little waves in the big bay arise. 

The ION CLUB Teos is located at the top of a small sheltered bay on the grounds of Club Resort Atlantis on Aksum Beach. The center offers a lot of space, in a great location, just behind the ION CLUB Center is the Maya Bistro Beach Hotel. This hotel appeals to all of our guests who value sustainability and delicious local fresh food.

Even on days with strong winds, beginners and advanced learners can expect moderate wind conditions in the morning and in the afternoon. During this time, the beginner's training will be carried out by Serkan and his team. Eventhough Teos is certainly not one of the strongest wind areas in the Aegean, but with an avarage of 5 BFT and more in midsummer, this spot is definitely worth a visit!


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