ION CLUB RISCO DEL PASO // Beautyfication

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ION CLUB Risco del Paso

Especially this beautiful spot - in the middle of the natural park of Jandia - demands a sensitive handling with the nature and the environmental authority. Building permits are difficult to obtain and are subject to strict control. Which is a good thing!

We used our permission to build two changing rooms and a shower facility at the entrance of the station. A simple shade area was also one of the wishes of our guests. From here you have a wonderful view of the turquoise lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean. Just imagine a few comfortable beanbags and beach chairs in it - perfect for a powernap! And then back to the next windsurfing or kitesurfing session.

Everyone helped and contributed with their expert knowledge or simply manpower. And the result is really good! Muchas Gracias!


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