ION CLUB Essaouira // Surfers Paradise

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As an international venue for many surf competitions, the wide crescent-shaped bay south of the port of Essaouira is ideal. The Atlantic surf in the long, gently sloping sandy bay is - depending on the entry - also good for beginners. Perfect for children to let off steam while surfing in shallow water and emulate their role models!

The beach area in front of the center is perfect for all surf beginners. That's why the ION CLUB also offers a surf club for all interested "locals" - every Wednesday and Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. This is offered, depending on the age for 150-200 € / year. The Surf Club has three surf lessons per week and free board rental all year round (except during the summer holidays). There are also special family offers. And every Sunday morning - for Moroccan children who can not afford lessons will be free of charge.



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