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We spend the second part of our Morocco trip in Dakhla. About 1200 km away from Essaouira. I have great desire to cover the distance by car. Morocco is so beautiful! However, the time is limited and we take the plane from Agadir with a stopover in Layoun, and we are there in a comfortable two hours.

Here in Dakhla, the still unexplained territory of Western Sahara, near the Tropic of Capricorn and not far from the border to Mauritania, you feel like you are at the end of the world. The city lies on the peninsula of the same name and is subject to the Moroccan protectorate. As you can see, Morocco is putting a lot of money into the development of the area, which was originally dominated by fishing. Tourism is another pillar of the economy.

First stop is the Ocean Vagabond Eco-Lodge Camp of Sebastien Deflandre in Lassarga at the southernmost tip of the Dakhla promontory. Here it is very original, wild and still unspoiled and certainly one to two degrees colder - in the air as well as in the water, as we will notice after our visit to the station in the lagoon!

We arrive after sunset and move into one of the spacious bungalows on stilts. Lots of glass, lots of wood - everything simple and limited to the minimum. This is where Sebastien most consistently continues to implement his concept of the Eco-Lodge. The concept reaches so far that a toilet flush is completely dispensed with - the Plumsklo still functions perfectly in the 21st century!

This minimal approach makes you breathe a sigh of relief and it becomes clear what you don't need! 

The stilt houses are available in different versions: One for four people, a family bungalow and a single bungalow with a double bed or two single beds. A complete window front with sliding doors allows us a wonderful view of nature and beach the next morning, from the bed.
The perfect setting before going to yoga with Kirsty.

Not for nothing Ocean Vagabond has received the Green Key Award for the third time in a row. An Eco label that recognizes the companies' efforts to develop an environmentally friendly, sustainable and responsible company.

You can see this not only in the construction of the bungalows, the restaurant, and the kitchen - but also in the way the company treats its guests and employees. Sebastien's vision of uniting nature and man in the most balanced way possible, while being able to live his passion for water sports, has paid off. 

This is where Sebastien's motto has its strongest effect:

No Time / no News / no Shoes - is the top priority. The only "obligation" is the fantastic wind and wave conditions … but that's why we're here!


The ION CLUB offers two spots - the "Ocean side" and the "Lagoon side".

The spot right in front of the center is located directly on a 1.5 km long sandy beach at the tip of which the swell wave coming from north-northeast turns and thus creates a fantastic wave running to the right. On good days you can surf almost a kilometer from the point to the fishing village at the end of the beach, which means almost two minutes on the wave! During the season (October to March) this is one of the best surfing spots in Dakhla and it is also close to several other spots that complete the offer.

The wind in Dakhla usually comes from north - northeast, so the OCEAN SIDE offers fantastic opportunities for all advanced windsurfers and kitesurfers.

Allah and God agreed at that time - they created the spot on the Lagoon side exclusively for all kitesurfing beginners. An endlessly wide sandy beach with shallow water, facing north to south, where the wind usually blows sideshore from the left, allowing any beginner to make huge progress in just a few hours. There is no place that offers better conditions. You have the beach to yourself and only get yourself in the way. Everything is relaxed and completely stress-free! Pure happiness when you see a swarm of flamingos flying over your kite!





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