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Our Center Manager Zeben at the Center at Risco del Paso, had the pleasure to test the brand new Fanatic Free Wave together with the new Wave sail from Duotone, the Super Hero. And he was thrilled!

fanatic 2020

An evolution of the Stubby outline blended with the legendary FreeWave DNA, the all-new 2020 FreeWave is the true chameleon - ready to adapt and excel in all conditions.

Fanatic took their low-drag FreeWave STB a step further and refine the nose and pulled in the tail shape, resulting in increased control and maneuverability that rivals any classic wave board on the wave face. That left the room to increase planing power through its rocker line, making the 2020 range clearly the most powerful FreeWave of all times! From flat-water blasting to bump & jump to waves, the new Freewave is the one board that takes it all in its stride and will boost your level across a bigger range of conditions than ever.

duotone sails 2020

SUPER HERO is THE ultimate wave sail that always performs optimally in all wave conditions around the globe. The perfectly balanced sail is the personal favorite of PWA Wave double world champion Victor Fernandez and is a real World Cup asset that is designed specifically for wave usage. Thanks to the absolutely neutral and perfectly balanced handling, its calm handling characteristics are unrivaled and it remains stable and highly controlled in every situation. The SUPER HERO feels like a three-batten design combined with the stability of a five-batten one. The specially developed profile blows out very efficiently and produces high propulsion even when underpowered, which is why it’s suitable for almost all riders, regardless of weight. 



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