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ION CLUB have been lucky this year to welcome a really exceptional talent at its´centers on Fuerteventura and Mauritius! A watersports enthusiastic family had their two water rats Ben and Henry with them in their luggage; Ben already having developed a real passion for being on the water! 

Ben is nine years old and he likes to try out all kinds of watersports. At the age of six he stood on a windsurfing board for the first time. He got lessons from Cuba, our gifted windsurf instructor at ION CLUB Mauritius. In Langebaan, South Africa, he tried kitesurfing for the first time at the age of 8. His parents, Gregory and Dania, both enthusiastic windsurfers, have already infected Ben with the kitesurfing virus. Brother Henry, a tender seven, is following in his big brother´s footsteps - so far only in windsurfing, but as soon as he is allowed there will be no stopping him in kitesurfing too!

The family have been travelling throughout 2019 with their main focus on water sports. Ben discovered his great passion for kitesurfing. When there is no wind, he likes to go to the skate park. Next, he wants to try Foil Surfing. His role models are Kai Lenny, Aaron Hadlow, Robby Naish, Klaas Voget, Jaeger Stone ... good choices indeed!

If you want to become a fan of Ben you can follow him on Instagram:

Photo credits to Gabor Balogh/Fuerteventura

Here is a bit more that Ben had to say …

Ben, what do you like about water sports?

"I love windsurfing and kitesurfing. It feels like I'm flying over the water. It's a nice feeling to ride in the waves. When I am kitesurfing I can always try out new things. My favourite spots so far are Risco del Paso (Fuerteventura), Geraldton (Western Australia) and Mauritius".

What does a normal day look like, Ben? 

"At the moment we are in Geraldton and mostly go to Coronation Beach. My normal day: I wake up at about 6am and have breakfast, preferably cereal. Then I do my homework and then pack the car with all the surf equipment and lunch in the cool box with my dad. Then we drive to the beach and rig up. After a first session on the water I eat my lunch and most of the time I go on the water again. In the middle of the afternoon we go back and before dinner we go to the skate park. At about 8 o'clock I go to bed and read a little. From January on I go back to school and unfortunately I can do less windsurfing and kitesurfing then.

What else do you love? 

"Trampolining, skating, playing with friends, watching TV (if I may), sleeping. I really want to learn foiling soon."

What goes through your mind when you are on the water?

"I don't really think when I'm on the water except about my next moves. I just do".

Aren't you afraid, Ben?

"I don't like being alone so much except on the water, it doesn't bother me there. Sometimes I get scared when I can't relaunch my kite in the wave and I abort.

What is your favourite food?

"I love porridge with honey and cereals."

Your favorite movie/book?

"I love to read - at the moment my favourite books are the Cherub series. It is about a boy who is an undercover agent and goes on missions to fight gangsters. I like Marvel movies (like Spiderman and Ironman)."

What else is important to you?

"I am interested in science and engineering, but I want to be Waterman, like Kai Lenny."

You can see from the following pictures that he is not only a talented kite- and windsurfer, but also a master of the camera...



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