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Safaga is certainly one of the best known and the most inexpensive windsurfing and kiting spots on the Red Sea, and as ever, has a large following of enthusiastic fans. They really appreciate the ever present constants of the country and this location: the steady wind, the wonderfully turquoise coloured sea, the reliable temperatures, the numerous hotels and, last but not least, the very hospitable locals. The service at both centers is, as it has always been, second to none. This very relaxed atmosphere is one of the main reasons why repeater guests remain so loyal to Mohammed and his team.

Hotel Imperial Shams Abu Soma

Hotel Imperial Shams Abu Soma

Safaga, Egypt

1 week in double room on all inclusive basis, flights, airport transfers and travel service.
from 539 € p.p.INFO & OFFER

Thanks to the many direct flights from almost all German - as well as from many other European-wide–airports, you can fly to the improved and enlarged airport at Hurghada many times a week in around four hours or so. Just 50 km south of Hurghada, Safaga also has many diving schools which complement the attractions of the windsurfing and the kiting, which are probably the best in Egypt. The contrast between the blue and turquoise tones of the water and the backdrop of the barren mountains makes for an impressive stage.

And in the midst of this splendour, windsurfers and kiters play as seriously as they always have done, unfazed by the political developments in this land of the pyramids and the pharoahs.  One of the highlights for all windsurfers and kiters is an organised surf trip out to the heavenly Toubia Island, a small sand-island a little way off-shore.

The ION CLUB Windsurfing Center is situated on the broad sandy beach to the right of the Shams Hotel. Ideal for entry -level and intermediates is the center’s own protected, shallow area which is around 150 x 80 metres in size, to the lee and with a nicely sandy bottom.   

Up-wind of the Hotel Shams Prestige is the ION CLUB Kiting Center and the kiting area.  

Safaga has an early wind that blows like clockwork cross-off shore from the mountains – so not for late risers! Around 11 o’clock the wind then turns sideshore and blows very steadily, which means that this location is perfect for all levels of ability.  

GOOD TO KNOW: Early wind from 08.30 and then around 11 o’clock the winds blows sideshore. The stronger the wind is in the morning, then the longer it will blow throughout the afternoon. And don’t forget your shoes – there is coral here.


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