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Ninja Bichler // article in the latest The Kitemag.

Steph Fournet tells the story in photos at the latest The Kitemag. I grew up between mountains and oceans, and sports have always been an important part of my life. After travelling around the world, I discovered Mauritius in 2005 and immediately fell in love with this island. I was windsurfing in waves before and started to focus on wave kitesurfing in 2010. There are many amazing spots in Mauritius and the great thing about this place is the diversity; you can find conditions for all levels with different waves and wind directions. Then the headline spot of One Eye has several faces and continues to surprise me each day. This year, with El Niño, we didn't have many big wave days, but we were blessed with this epic day. Although shooting from the water in these solid conditions was really challenging for Steph. He is a pure waterman.

Alexis Redelsperger has been my friend since early childhood. We grew up together and he inspired my kitesurfing a lot. He is a multi-sport man and having fun together is a blessing. Alexis has been working for ION CLUB for many years, in several destinations around the world.

For weeks we were looking for that specific day: sun, waves and wind. The combination is not always available, but on this day our paradise fulfilled its potential and Mother Nature offered us a perfect gift.

To get the perfect picture requires symbiosis between the rider and the photographer. Over here we say that One Eye means you need to always keep one eye on the wave behind you as it might get you in trouble if you fall. 

Water is my element, I couldn't live without it. It fascinates me so much! Riding in waves makes me feel like riding on energy with all the powerful movements of the water. It's the only way to switch o my mind from the rest of the world.
It's my way of meditation.

Im' passionate about kitesurfing but especially about big waves. It's much more challenging and I love the hunt for adrenaline. On these big days, there are only ever a handful of people on the spot... 

Depending on the direction of the swell it can be easy to manage many turns, but often riding One Eye requires a lot more a ention. You need to read the wave properly and hunt down the line to get around the sections and be able to hit a nice turn... 

Words: Ninja Bichler/Leena Ballack Photos: Steph Fournet 


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