Team Member of the Month » December 2016

Name: Rachid Lachab
Born: 1962
Team member since: 2008
Prior ION CLUB Destinations: Essaouira

In 1996, Rachid started to work with Sebastian, owner of the Ocean Vagabond and a former Club Mistral Center Manager. Then in 2000 he worked with Bruno from FBC Moulay/Magic Fun and then in 2010 he returned to ION CLUB Essaouira.


Rachid is now 54 years old, married and a proud father of three children.
In his life before windsurfing he graduated in Arabic literature and worked in an art gallery. He is a very good artist and registered as the first generation of Essaouira artists. Pictures from his paintings have been published in a Royal Air Maroc magazine, as well as his poems. He also graduated in 1995, in Tanger, with a specialization in pedagogy.

When he discovered windsurfing and surfing he fell in love with the ocean. He was a pioneer of Moroccan windsurfers and was one of the founders of the Royal Club, which is a club owned by the goverment to promote windsurfing, surfing and kitesurfing to the Moroccan youth.

Rachid started as a windsurf and surf instructor, but he is now at the head of our service crew.
He is really a legend for our repeating guests thanks to his caring nature, and he knows everything about gear. Also, if you don’t remember where you left your wetsuit, Rachid knows!

Always, he is the first to open the center and the last waiting for the wind junkies who go out for a sunset surf.
Rachid is always on the move, cleaning, repairing, rigging, launching… and does all of this with a big smile on his face and in a good mood! Of course he is the oldest of the team, but also the most experienced, so  everybody in the crew calls him Papa Rachid, and even the guests call him Papa because he really is the guy you’d like to have as a dad!

We hope that Papa Rachid stays as long as he likes and becomes the Grandfather at our ION CLUB Essaouira!

Thanks a lot for all of your passion and the time you have spent with us.


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