Team Member of the Month » March 2017

Name: Noureddine Mansour
Born: 0000
Team member since: 2009
Prior ION CLUB Destinations: Morocco, Dakhla, Sal

We would love to introduce you to our new team member of the month Nourdine “Dido” Mansour. His previous ION CLUB Destinations – Essaouira, Dakhla, Sal. Dido is one of our many stars that comes direct from our ION CLUB Staff factory of Essaouira, Morocco. A proven place to hone all the sports and coaching skills necessary for a life on the ocean waves.

Dido started his career, as most of us do, as a very enthusiastic young Surfer working during his holidays at his home spot of Essaouira. After a few seasons and the completion of his studies, Dido with his famous smile, set out on the path of a career as Kite Surf instructor. We are very happy with this decision.

The thing we must understand about Dido is, that, yes he loves going on the water, practicing and challenging himself in his chosen sports, but … he is first and foremost a people person. We can see the delight and that famous smile every time he meets a new person or sees them succeed on one of his lessons. He makes time for all people, young, old, small, large, beginner or advanced.

This links perfectly into that Dido is a constant entertainer. A real show man, but never a show off! You can’t spend a boring moment with him. Always looking to find some way to make our guests smile whether he is jumping off Dakhla’s Yoga house, flying 30M above the Santa Maria Sal beach attached to a chain of ks leashes or racing the Shuttle taxis back from kite beach on his kite and mountain board. Dido will always find an alternative way to have fun.

Just don’t go Party with him unless you want a very long night! If you do however want a party then Dido will be at your service with a full week schedule of possibilities. While most seasoned après surf veterans might regret their party decision the next morning, Dido has already been at the beach from 7:30am! He can teach from sun up to sun down. If he has 3 sessions he will find 2 more!

Energy, passion, knowledge, fun. This is our Dido and we would not change him one bit.


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