Team Member of the Month » January 2017

Name: Gabor Balogh
Born: 1988
Team member since: 2016
Prior ION CLUB Destinations: Risco del Paso

Köszönöm means thank you in Hungarian, so this month we would very much like to say a very big “Thank you“ to Gabor Balogh.He is our staff photographer at the center in Risco del Paso, Fuerteventura and our team member of the month for January 2017. Gabor was born in 1988 in a small village in the south of Hungary. Following school he discovered his true passion: photography. Then during his time at photography college, he really got into the creative side of developing pictures, and the exciting creativity needed to bring his pictures alive in the dark room. He started out started working for newspapers in Hungary whilst studying, but soon decided to leave home and discover the world.

He spent many years around the world working on cruise ships and in hotels, and on one particular American cruise with 3000 passengers he was able to cruise around Africa and get to capture some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world: Dubai, South Africa, Egypt, Mauritius and the Seychelles. His love for warmth and sun, his desire for new experiences and exciting places led him to the Caribbean, to the Mediterranean and, eventually, to the Canary Islands.

In April 2016 he started working with ION Club Fuerteventura. Gabor always starts the day with a good coffee in Tonys Bar and after that the day proper can begin. We really love the fact that Gabor always has time to show our guests and his colleagues the action shots he has taken of them on the water – and they love it, too. Their windsurfing or kitesurfing exploits are framed for them forever.

The most recognizable thing about him is his massive but well cared for beard, which is trained to stay tidy even on our windiest day. This last Christmas he dyed his beard completely white – the kids couldn’t believe their eyes Santa had come all the way from the frozen North to their beach.

On rainy days, you can see him on the beach, clad in a wetsuit and with a simple plastic bag to protect his precious camera. Gabor likes both to work and relax in the sun, and is around the center even if there is not much to do... He enjoys being with the team at the center all the time, as he never knows when he might capture some low wind action or dream up new photos or videos. Calmness also characterizes his way of working: we really miss his good vibes on his day off!

Gabor: “Photography is my life 24/7.“ As a freelance photographer he coordinates his own business, making photoshoots, and recording surf, kite and windsurf action. We reckon we shall soon see him extending his business to an entire photography company. From Zero to Hero!

We are really looking forward to more amazing seasons with you and your stunning pictures.
So Go Pro Gabor, we wish you all the best for now and for the future: keep smiling, keep safe, hang loose!


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