Team Member of the Month » November 2017

Name: Sebastian Knabel
Born: 0000
Team member since: 2015
Prior ION CLUB Destinations: Weilheim

Sebastian – also known by his nick-names of Wasti or Basti - has worked for us at Head Office in logistics since August 2015.

He works at HO each day until noon – when he changes roles and goes home to look after his kids.  Sebastian and his wife Jasmin have a thoroughly modern attitude to family life and split their activities.  This means that when the kids come home from school, his action as chief cook means lunch is ready on the table, and then, when Jasmin comes home from her job in the evening, she is met with a functioning household and big smiles.

During the holidays, they love to go camping, frequently choosing Corsica, where the family hikes as far as it can before the little ones’ legs give out!  

Sport and action is in their blood.  Sebastian comes from an old windsurfing family, growing up in lakeside Murnau. His father had already worked as a developer for Hi-fly and was also passionate about diving.  Thus, Basti was infected early on with the water-sports virus and has worked in international customer and export for a number of sports companies such as the Amer Group, Pryde Group, Boards & More and K2 Sports in International Customer Service and Export. Over the past six years he has worked as a representative in renewable energies.

His energies also seem to renew themselves again and again. There is almost no sport, from paraponting to climbing to golf, which he has not yet tried his hand at. As an example, 15 years ago he crossed the Alps on a mountain bike – and that takes some doing.

Basti has also travelled a lot through south-east Asia, Mexico and South America, where he really enjoyed wave-riding.   

He is definitely more of an outdoorsman than an office hero – you can see that in his love of stand-up-paddling and windsurfing, and he has also recently graduated to kiting. We think it is an age thing, but judging from reports out of Safaga, he is not only enthusiastic but also very talented.

In addition, insiders report that he is also extremely good at chalet parties (such as at the Pleissenhütte), and he is always ready for a friendly half! Open-minded and communicative, he knows pretty much everyone and everyone has a story or two to tell about him.


Basti, what impresses your colleagues (especially the chocoholics) is just as limitless: You manage - as the only one in the whole office – to take a single bite from a Duplo bar – and then leave it – sometimes for weeks on end!
Sebastian - you really are such a nice, positive person, always in a good mood and always enthusiastic - and we hope you remain so for a long time to come!



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