Sustainability @ ION CLUB

Sustainability is one of ION CLUB's core values as we believe that we have a real responsibility for our natural environment - the place where we practise our amazing sports - and for the local societies in which we are allowed to operate and play.

Sustainability is a guiding principle which supports the innovation, creation and fostering of value to fulfill the needs of our stakeholders, wherever present, now and across time.
©I. Hopkins / B. Skarstam 2013

The way we do this is by involving everyone in the company in following the ISO 26000 guidance on social responsibility and, more recently, in beginning the journey towards certification in the ISO 14001 environmental management system.

You can see the results of this across our centres:

  • Multi-cultural teams (from 23 countries)
  • Upcycling of used or broken equipment and materials into shop display fittings, ashtrays and accessories
  • Careful water management for centre showers and in cleaning equipment
  • Working with our supplier to reduce the amount of packaging to our centres
  • Solar energy use in more remote centres
  • Beach clean-ups involving our guests and locals
  • Support for local kids in learning new skills or gaining new perspectives
  • Promotion of our eco-centre and sustainable hotel partners

Sustainability is not an end, it is a process, and we hope that we can inspire you to help us on this vital journey.

Great thanks to Ivor Hopkins from Responsibility³ Ltd for his Sustainability support.

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