Surf Lessons

Surf Lessons
Starting at 80€/person

Surf Lessons

There are two kinds of surfers, the hunters and the hunted, and Spot X is what you are hunting. It’s about paddling to the wave rather than just taking waves that come to you. It means you’ll have a greater success rate when you try to catch waves and you’ll always have priority on a busy day. It take awareness and agility in the water but it’s a skill you can practice right from the first day you paddle out the back.

The following explanation is intended to help allocate guests to the appropriate courses according to the skills they possess. There are three skill steps for students.

• No or little surf experience
• Learning the safety rules
• Learning board position, paddling, stand-up (take off)
• Surfing white water waves

• some surf experience
• Can steer the board (Ieft/right)
• able to catch small, or white water waves

• some surfing experience and wants to improve
• Knows how duck dive/get out to the back
• Rides white water waves

Our courses offer something for everyone and for every skill level. Besides the practical element, we put high emphasis on surfing theory, such as safety rules, waves and the ocean and the surf equipment.

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Looking for a Tailor-Made Trip ?

Surf & SUP Equipment ION Club Dakhla Lagoon

Soft Tech, Kai and BIC provides us with their latest surfboards. For beginners we offer boards in different sizes, with soft surface to avoid bruises. So you have the best conditions to venture into the waves.

Safety in practicing Surf & SUP Dakhla Lagoon

Our surf instructors will always keep an “eye’ on you , and make sure your are having a good time whilst on the water.


Our courses offer something for everyone and for every skill level. Besides the practical element, we put high emphasis on surfing theory, such as safety rules, waves and the ocean and the surf equipment.

A word about

ION CLUB Dakhla Lagoon

Dakhla ist eine kleine Stadt etwa 1000 km südlich von Essaouira, die auf einer 48 km langen und 4 km breiten Halbinsel liegt, welche sich in den Atlantischen Ozean erstreckt und eine riesige Lagune bildet. Der Standort unseres ION CLUB Windsurf- und Kitesurf Centers befindet sich an der Nordostküste dieser Halbinsel.

Die riesige Sandlagune bietet fantastische Bedingungen mit konstanten Winden das ganze Jahr über, flachem Wasser und mehr als genug Platz. Anfänger, Profis und alle anderen finden hier Kitesurfbedingungen vom Feinsten. Als zusätzliches Plus bietet die andere Seite der Halbinsel perfekte Wellenbedingungen, die mit dem Auto innerhalb kürzester Zeit erreicht werden können.


February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October


Wind in Dakhla usually comes from north - northeast, and offers fantastic opportunities for advanced and intermediate windsurfers and kitesurfers.

In the Lagoon side, the wind usually blows sideshore from the left.


We offer trips to various wave spots several times a week:
Point D'or: 15 minutes from the center, sandy entry, sometimes a little wind in the first few meters, then just cruising with wind from the right.

Oum Labbouir: about 30 minutes drive from the center. Here the waves wash up very cleanly on the sandy beach. Chance of rocks in the water when you get closer to the cape. 


From Dakhla Airport

From Dakhla airport it is only 28 km going north on the main road to the ION CLUB & Ocean Vagabond. The airport transfer takes about 15-20 minutes.

Km 29.avenue argoub.ocean vagabond (3 197,65 km) 73000 Ad Dakhla, Western Sahara



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The story of the ION CLUB tells of people who have turned their passion for windsurfing and kitesurfing into a profession. Since its founding in 1985, customer orientation, team spirit, innovation and professionalism have been the top priorities of our corporate philosophy.
The ION CLUB / Club Mistral has gained a lot of experience in the 30 years of its existence and has developed more and more into a company that focuses on communicating with guests and fulfilling their needs and wishes.
With 16 water sports schools worldwide, we are one of the leading companies in this field. ION CLUB has a network of international partners in different countries. We strive to be international and multicultural and express this through the selection of our employees, who currently come from 24 different countries.