BIKE Rental

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BIKE Rental 

The destinations around the globe where our ION CLUB Centers are situated are stunningly beautiful and it would be a shame to only explore the beach and the conditions on the water. Therefore we equiped those Centers best suited for Biking with a wide range of premium SCOTT bikes in order to allow you to discover the full range of what our destinations have to offer. 

A perfect addition to your Windsurf or Kitesurf holidays and maybe the best thing to do, if the wind hasn´t filled in just yet.  Our Team knows all the trails, roads and distances and will be happy to recommend you some great trips according to your level and preferences. 

Also check out our Bike Excursion section, if you prefer not going on your own, but rather join an organised trip with our guides. 

Equipment Range and Service

  • Our range of Scott bikes will satisfy even the most demanding riders. We offer the Scale hardtail in both 27,5 and 29 inches for fast cross-country rides , the Genius full suspension for tackling the trails and the Speedster for the riders who prefer to stay on the asphalt. Bring your own cycling shoes as we can provides, SPD. Flat and Look pedals.  
  • Our bikes are always in excellent condition with the maintenance being done by our bike mechanic at our Bike Shop in Pigadia. If you are Biking in Greece with your own bike we can offer service and maintenance. 

  •  Our guide can also suggest bike routes and tours some of which are mapped on Wikiloc and Strava. 

Excursion Program

We understand that Flexibility is key and that pre-booking a certain bike rental product from home is not easy. You can relax however, if you happen to have booked the “wrong” bike for your needs, we´re happy to change it to another model on side, as long as availability allow us. 

So if you can switch easily between Roadbikes on one day and Mountainbikes on another. For all the Multi Sport Lovers amongst you, we offer great combination packages of Bike and Windsurf,- or Kitesurf Rental. 

Where to BIKE with us ?

The ION CLUB is surely not one of the big players when it comes to worldwide biking and therefore the range of our destination is still limited.  Nevertheless, Biking is part of our activities, because we love it!

Althoug we might have not too many  ION CLUB Bike Centers just yet, be assured the ones we have are located and some of the best Biking destinations you can think of, offering stunning trails and great opportunities for Bikers of each level.  Check it out!



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