wingsurf Storage 

Feel like bringing your own equipment but don’t want to have to deal with the daily logistic side of this option ? Don’t worry!
Our ION CLUB centers are based right in front of the Wingsurfing spots everywhere in the world. As one of our storage guest, you will have your own private storage box assigned to you. In this box you will be able to fit up to three sails, and of course your foil or surf board.
Besides the box, you will be free to use all the other center facilities, such as showers, changing rooms, Wifi and so on. The Windsurf storage boxes are accessible from outside the center, so you are not bound to the opening times of the Center.
In case the wind is different than what you expected, of course you can always top up your own equipment range with our brandnew Duotone and Fanatic rental gear. Making your holiday life easier is our pleasure!

Where to storage wingsurf with ion club?


With 4 professionally equipped wingsurf schools worldwide and another 12 schools offering a more limited selection of Wing Surf activities we are one of the world leaders in this new Sport.  Together with our network of international partners in various countries, we work hard to push this great new Sport forward and make it accessible to all of you!



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