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Our team at ION CLUB Santa Maria and ION CLUB Ponta Leme will sweeten your holiday on the beautiful and windy island of Sal.

Calu Nascimento Fortes

Windsurfing Instructor

Languages: English, French, Portugues, Creol, Italian, Spanish

Team Member of the Month: Mar 09

Zakaria Azzahir

Manager Kite St. Maria, Instructor Kite & Surf IKO

Languages: Arabic, French,English

Tchon Soares

Board Repair, Windsurf Assistent

Languages: Creol, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Italian

Dragi Bozic

Kite Instructor IKO, Assistant Manager St. Maria

Languages: Croatian, English, Creole

Rodrigo Diniz

Office St. Maria, Windsurf Assistant

Languages: Creol, Portuguese, Spanisch, Englisch, Italian, French

Fabian Recio Wermter

Manager Windsurfcenter, Instructor Windsurf VDWS, Kitesurf Instructor IKO

Languages: German, Spanish, English

Soulemanye Camara

Beach Assistant

Languages: Creole, Portugiesisch, French, Englisch

Hernani Gomes

Windsurf Instructor, Beach Assistant

Languages: Creole, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian

Edgar Gomes

Assistant Windsurf

Languages: Creole, Portuguese, English

Joaquin Silva

Assitant Windsurf

Languages: Creole, Portugiesisch, Englisch

Juliane Metsch

Office Manager

Languages: German, English, Spanish

Keshon Wilkerson

Assistant Windsurf

Languages: Creole, Portuguese, Englisch

Clieton Gomes

Assistant Kite

Languages: Creole, Portugiesisch, Englisch

Walter Gomes

Rescue Service

Languages: Creole, Portugiesisch, Englisch

Ebrima Saidi

Security guard

Languages: Creole, Portuguese, Englisch


Ion Club Ambassador Program

Our ION CLUB Ambassador Program is inviting you to help us to help our teams today and to windsurf and/or kitesurf with us tomorrow.

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