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Surfing Elements GmbH – Data Protection Policy


The protection of your privacy is very important for us. We keep only the information we need for the delivery of our services and the execution of our responsibilities, using it for these purposes only. Further, we treat it with great care. Following is a full explanation of how we deal with your data.

Legal justification: Decree (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council from 27th April 2016 for the protection of natural persons in the processing of personal data, for the freedom of data movement and in the resolution of the guidelines 95/46/EG abbreviated to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) below.

Legal justification for data collection:

Article. 6 Para. 1f) GDPR when visiting a website(IP-address / Cookies) Art. 6 Abs. 1a) / 1b) GDPR in address collection for the purposes of a booking and for the services around that such as kite or windsurfing rental, kite or windsurfing instruction, as well as including the complete range of watersport activities. In principle, personal data will only be recorded when you pass it freely to us as part of an order or registration for an event (such as Xperience Events, instruction, a booking or rental). We use the data passed to us without your special express permission in order only to fulfill the purpose of the reason for its collection. Divisions of Surfing Elements GmbH, ION CLUB und FBC or other persons tasked by Surfing Elements GmbH, ION CLUB and FBC, are forbidden to use personal data for anything other than for the purpose of the collection of this data, nor to make it known, nor make it available to third parties nor otherwise use it. All stored data are to be protected from access by third parties through proper technical and organisational provisions. This duty also covers any one who has left the company.

What data do we collect and how do we use it?

The type and extent of collected data depends upon which of our services you use.

Collection of general data (IP address etc)

Each time a webpage is loaded the following information is collected: IP address of the loading browser, the time of loading, the page loaded as well as information over the previously loaded page (the referrer), the type and version of the loading browser as well as the resolution of your computer screen. These data serve as defensive measures and as a protection against any misuse of our offering (brute-force attacks), as well as for the analysis and improvement of our service, and for the collection of loading statistics from our online offering such as country, browser type etc.

In addition this information can be made available to the authorities as evidence should there be a cyber attack. We do not use the IP address either to identify or to locate you. These general data are stored in so called server logs and are separate from personal data.

As long as no overriding interests are in play such as a court case or a legal request from the authorities, then your IP address will be deleted or no longer attributable.

Your location

We do not collect any data about your whereabouts during the online session


Cookies are small text data which are stored by your internet browser on your computer. Cookies are used exclusively by us in order to make our services available to you (session-cookies / basket-cookies), but not to keep track of your on-line surfing pattern (Third-Party-Cookies). External sites have no access to the cookies we set up and we do not read any cookies from external providers.

Session and basket-cookies are deleted by the browser programme when it is ended.

You can set your internet browser not to accept any cookies. This does not negatively impact on the downloading of our public pages. However, you will not be able to log in with your user details nor effect any product orders, as these functions require the assistance of cookies. You can set your internet browser to delete all cookies or only those from specific sites.

Your name, date of birth, address, email address, telephone number and other contact details

We use your personal data when you want to complete a booking with us or order a product from our on-line shop.

Your data, particularly name and date of birth, serve essentially to identify you as you.The minimum time for storing the data is, in the case of an order, the legal retention term.

Use of your contact details for communication

We utilise your stored contact details (email address, telephone number, postal address) in order to remain in contact with you for the fulfillment of our tasks.

This can be:

  • For completing a contract for booked services
  • In any changes to your data e.g change of address or changes to your family situation
  • With the information around the processing or sending of your invoice from us as well as other paperwork
  • In answering your questions,
  • At registration when you are a guest in another of our ION CLUB destinations, as a safety measure in order, for example, to contact your family, or inform you about local customs or rules;
  • in order to trim and personalise our service to you.

Our guests receive additional information periodically on special offers in the form of our Newsletter. These special emails are optional and can be subscribed or unsubscribed to by our guests as required.

We need your help: in order to deliver our services, a functioning email address is absolutely necessary. Therefore, please let us know immediately of any changes to your email address.

Data transfer

A transfer of your data occurs in the case of an order and the involvement of a delivery company (the Post Office / UPS etc) as long as this is needed for the delivery of goods.

Credit card details are not saved, but are taken and used directly by our payment service provider.

ION CLUB stations, which are member schools of the VDWS or IKO and collect data on you (that means for the place where they obtained their watersports licence) are able to have access to your data under the terms of this data protection policy. Apart from that, we would also have to give your details to the relevant authorities, when we are required to, as part of a legal obligation such as an enforceable request from the authorities or from a court case.


Our website uses video plugins from the company YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA, to show our videos. When you visit a website which has a You Tube plugin, your IP address as well as information about the sites you have visited will be sent to You Tube. Should you have your own You Tube account and are logged in with it, then You Tube will list the visited pages to your personal profile. In order to prevent this, you should surf the web logged out from your YouTube account. YouTubes video offer occurs in the interests of an attractive representation of our own web-site and the data are collected as per GDPR Art. 6 Para. 1 f).

The current data protection policy for YouTube can be found here:

Your rights:

In order to prevent any misuse, in recognising all these rights we need proper authentification from the applicant.

Confirmation rights / Information rights (GDPR Art 15):

You can check with us without the need for a form, about whether we at Surfing Elements GmbH – ION CLUB/FBC have collected any information about you. Further you can request a print-out of your address details held by Surfing Elements GmbH without the need for a form.

Rights on correction / cancelling (GDPR Art.16)

You can apply for the correction of inaccurate address data without the need for a form at Surfing Elements GmbH.
And in order to prevent misuse, the request for cancelling the processing requires proper authentification.

Erasure / Withdrawal of permission / Right of Forgetting (GDPR Art.17)

You can request the erasure (overwriting) of data held by Surfing Elements GmbH as long as there are no legal demands such as tax or business archiving periods that prevent it. In order to prevent misuse and wilful erasure, the request for erasure must be in writing with the appropriate identity proofs.

Rights on the limititation of processing (GDPR Art.18)

Should you feel that the processing of your personal data is not being done properly or you take issue with the veracity of your personal data, but you do not want the data to be erased, you may obtain a restriction on the processing until the facts are clarified. In order to prevent misuse, the request for a restriction on the processing needs appropriate proofs of identity.

Rights to data tansferral (GDPR Art 20)

You can make a request for a machine readable version of your data at Surfing Elements GmbH without the need for forms. As long as the rights of other persons are not adversely affected by it, then you can ask for the data to be transferred directly to another responsible person.

Length of time for holding personal data:

Personal data are held until the completion of the task for which they are being kept, at the least until the end of the legal maintenance period. At the end of this period the relevant data will be erased, as long as they are no longer required for the purpose of completing or initiating a contract.

Profiling / Automated decision-making:

We do not undertake automated decision-making or profiling based on your personal data

Data security:

We secure our website and other systems against the loss, damage, access, change or distribution of your data by unautherised persons through secure technical and organisational systems.


Your data will be stored only on servers within the EU

Surfing Elements GmbH contact for data protection
For questions over the collection, handling and use of your personal data, or if you need
information, amendments, lock-down or erasure of your data as well as the cancellation of any
agreements made, then please contact:

Changes to data protection

From time to time it will be necessary to change or adjust our data protection guidelines, as soon as so required, for example by a new law or our business usage and the resultant ways for dealing with data belonging to a person changes.

Each change that we need to make can be read on our website:


If you wish to make a complaint, then please contact the following authorities:
Bayerisches Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht (BayLDA) Promenade 27-91522 Ansbach

contact ion club

Do you need any help?

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