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"Here it is, the paradise that was once my home: sea and mountains. Some of this remains with one throughout life, even before science, civilisation and consciousness. And perhaps I will return there to die in peace."
Driss Chraibi, one of the best-known writers of northern Africa wrote this sentence when speaking of his native country, Morocco...


Essaouira is a coastal city with beaches as far as the eye can see and counts amongst the "model destinations" for windsurferskitesurfers and surfers worldwide. The architecture of the old town is strongly influenced by Portuguese, French and Berber culture. The massive appearance of the walls gives the city a mystical sublimity and explains it’s original name  “Mogador“ – small fortress.

The town is also an example of a multicultural center as proven by the co-existence, since its foundation of diverse ethnic groups, such as the Amazighs, Arabs, Africans, and Europeans as well as multiconfessional (Muslim, Christian and Jewish). The impressive appearance of the city wall gives the city a mystic sublimity, whereas the center of Essaouira is blooming with light and magic: Narrow alleys, white chalked houses, blue doors, peaceful squares, cosy cafés, stalls and workshops out of which the characteristic smell of Thuja wood escapes. The lively harbour, directly southeast of the Medina, is also full of impressions: the fishing nets are spread out on the pier, the fishermen unload their catches, craftsmen build traditional wooden boats and roast seafood on grills. In Essaouira the atmosphere is truly unique and easy going.

Dakhla & Lassarga

Dakhla is a small town around 1000 km south of Essaouira, located on a 48 km long and 4 km wide peninsula which stretches into the Atlantic Ocean, creating a huge lagoon. 

The location of our ION CLUB Windsurf and Kitesurf Center is on the north-eastern coast of that peninsula. 
The huge sandy lagoon provides fantastic conditions with constant winds throughout the whole year, flat water and more than enough space. 
Beginners, professionals and everybody else will find kitesurfing at its best here. As an added bonus the other side of the peninsula offers perfect wave conditions which can be reached within no time by car. 

Apart from windsurfing and kitesurfing there are many other activities which will make your stay an active and diverse one – at ION CLUB Dakhla you can be sure to have a fantastic holiday in an untouched environment far away from mass tourism. 
Dakhla is a diamond in the rough, a new born watersports mecca which you won´t find a second time in the whole wide world.

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