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DAKHLA & Lassarga

From Dakhla airport it is only 28 km going north on the main road to the ION CLUB & Ocean Vagabond. The airport transfer takes about 15-20 minutes.



Leave the airport and follow the road to the city center. On the first cross you can see the sign "Essaouira" on the left side. Follow the road about 170 kms till you arrive in Essaouira. The roads are good repared and the trip will take you about 2 hours.
 When you arrive in Essaouira you take the coast street with the ocean on your left side. Follow this road till you see the ION CLUB Center. The center is built out of wood with blue and white colours are called “Ocean Vagabond”.

Leave the airport and take the road to the city center. When you arrive to the main coast street you will see the sign “Essaouira". Follow this road about 180 kms. It will take about 3 hours because there are a lot of turns in the road. When you arrive to the first crossing in Essaouira, go strait to the coast street, you will find ION CLUB Center on your left in the blue and white chalet called “Ocean Vagabond”.

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