Windsurf Storage

Windsurf Storage
Starting at 50€/person

Windsurf Storage Karpathos

Feel like bringing your own equipment but don’t want to have to deal with the daily logistics? Don’t worry!
Our ION CLUB in Karpathos is based right in front of the best windsurfing spot on Karpathos. As one of our storage guests, you will have your own private storage space assigned to you. You will be able to fit up to three sails, masts, booms, your harness and of course your windsurf board
You will also be free to use all of the other center facilities, such as showers, changing rooms, Wifi and rescue service if needed.
In case the wind is different to what you expected, of course you can always top up your own equipment range with our brand new Duotone and Fanatic rental equipment.
Making your holiday life easier is our pleasure !

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Windsurf Equipment Storage


from 50 € / Person



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        Looking for a Tailor-Made Trip ?

        the windsurf spot in Karpathos

        Karpathos is a true high-wind spot where you can let off steam and forget the rest of the world. The flat water near the shore is perfect for practicing jibes, and the spit off the coast guarantees your safety. Those who are looking for a real challenge can surf out of Gun Bay to Devil’s Bay – a bay which definitely deserves its name. Here the wind is about 1-2 Beaufort stronger, and the perfectly flat water delivers superb blasting conditions.

        A word about

        ION CLUB Karpathos

        Deserted beaches, beautiful and typical Greek villages at the foot of the mountains and cozy tavernas ... this is Karpathos. Karpathos is located in the south of the Aegean Sea and south of most of the other Greek islands, more precisely about 150 km southeast of Rhodes. Karpathos has long been a favourite spot for windsurfers from all over Europe, many of whom return every year for the fantastic wind conditions. Opt for a windsurfing holiday in summer, with very little or no risk of being disappointed … windsurfing and Karpathos are one and the same!

        The island lies between Rhodes and Crete, which makes the Meltemi, the prevailing local north wind, even stronger as it blows through the mountains.

        In July and August, the wind can reach 35-40 knots in the afternoon and is perfect for riders who like sailing with small sail sizes. However, in May-June and September the wind is less intense and more regular, so bringing joy to many windsurfers.

        However, there is not only the sea in Karpathos … a mountain range partially forested with pine trees crosses from the north to the center of the island. While there are mountains with an altitude of more than 600 meters in the north, the mountain Kali Limni rises to 1,215 meters and is located in the central area of the island. It is one of the highest mountains in the Dodecanese and is marked by paths and gravel roads. This is one of the reasons why we have also opened a mountain bike club with Scott bikes at the ION CLUB Karpathos center, so that you can explore the island even further.


        May for relaxed wind, beginner or foiling, empty bays, enjoying mountain biking

        June for the wind getting stronger, long day light

        July and August: for the strong and the guarantied wind, energy full atmosphere in the Club

        September: good wind, warm water, more biking and discovery possible

        October: for an easy wind, foiling, beautiful biking, relaxing island


        The meltemi is a summer wind that blows in Greece and the Aegean Sea from May to October, accelerating in July and August. Due to the configuration of the hills and mountains of Karpathos, the wind becomes stronger than elsewhere in Greece, which explains its sustained strength and regular presence in Devil's Bay (4 to 8 beaufort). In Chicken Bay which is located more on the side of this wind channel, the wind blows with a little less intensity, 5 to 10 knots less. The wind comes from the northwest and blows offshore from the left. Sometimes in the morning in Karpathos (especially during the summer), the wind is weak or even nil, so it is possible to take a stand up paddle to have fun on the water.


        Bump & Jump conditions in Gun Bay, no shorebreak, chop up to 1 meter in strong wind at about 500 meters offshore. Great for jumping, but not for surfing.

        Flat water in Chicken Bay and Devil's Bay.

        HOW TO GET THERE ?

        From Karpathos airport

        Karpathos has a fairly large airport which offers direct flights to some European cities, but not to France (via Athens, Germany or Austria to fly from France). ION CLUB Karpathos is located only 500m from the airport. As soon as you leave the airport, take the first right and follow our sign.

        The port is located about 12km from the center of ION CLUB Karpathos, and is in the main town of the island, Pigadia. The island is connected by ferry to Athens, Crete and the island of Rhodes. If you arrive by boat, just follow the sign to the airport and turn left just before the airport. The signs will show you the rest of the way, it's very simple.

        Karpathos 857 00, Greece


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        The story of the ION CLUB tells of people who have turned their passion for windsurfing and kitesurfing into a profession. Since its founding in 1985, customer orientation, team spirit, innovation and professionalism have been the top priorities of our corporate philosophy.
        The ION CLUB / Club Mistral has gained a lot of experience in the 30 years of its existence and has developed more and more into a company that focuses on communicating with guests and fulfilling their needs and wishes.
        With 16 water sports schools worldwide, we are one of the leading companies in this field. ION CLUB has a network of international partners in different countries. We strive to be international and multicultural and express this through the selection of our employees, who currently come from 24 different countries.