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Attention! The risk of getting addicted to surfing is huge 🙂 ! Whoever had the pleasure to surf along an ocean wave, receives a feeling which will stay with him for a lifetime.
On spots with good surfing conditions, we offer a variety of different surfboards for you to rent. The choice ranges from padded foam Boards for kids and beginners to high performance shortboards.
Our Team will look forward to surf with you!


With our centers situated directly in front of the wave, changing equipment throughout the day is very easy.
As one of our surf rental guests, you are free to use any surfboard, change your gear as often as you like and find your favourite board every day you surf.

Where to surf or SUP with ion club ?

With 6 centers worldwide, the ION CLUB is surely not one of the big players when it comes to worldwide surfing. Nevertheless, Surfing is an important part of our activities. Because we love it! The ION CLUB Centers which are able to offer Surfing are situated on some of the best Spots for Beginner and Intermediate Surfers worldwide. Check it out!



Monday to Friday, 09.30am – 5pm
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