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ION CLUB Cabarete works together with an experienced partner in surfing. Toni has been running his surf school Buena Onda directly at the famous Encuentro surf spot for a long time. Lessons usually take place between 8am and 12pm. Here you can rent your equipment.
We would be happy to organise a shuttle to the spot for you.

The swell season starts in September and ends in April. Occasionally we get some swell hitting the north cost of the Dominican Republic even in the summer.

We recommend the following spots for surfing in Cabarete :

The spot is located 5 minutes walking distance from our center. It is a beach break and provides very good beginner conditions. For first time surfers it is most of the time not even necessary to paddle out. They can walk out over the sandbank to the break and can therefore save energy for the first take off. Super safe, this spot allows teaching, supervision and safety directly from the beach.

This is our home spot. The spot is only working with a very big north swell. When huge waves are passing the outer reef, the swell in the bay is producing a nice little break on a sandbank just in front of our center. The break is perfect for beginners and advanced surfers.

Just 5 minutes walking distance left of our center, we have the perfect spot for bodyboarding. It is also a beach break and a suitable spot for advanced surfers. For beginners the wave is most of the time too powerful, and breaks almost on the beach itself.

This is the most famous surf spot at the north cost of the Dominican Republic. It is a 15 minute drive away from Cabarete. Due to the size of the waves, and the way they break (small white waves off the beach, then small breaking waves further out before a real peak of faster (sometimes tubing) waves, it suits beginners, advanced and experts. It is a reef break. The beach is probably one of the nicest around, the feeling of being lost on a very special and isolated island incomparable, and starting your day with a surf session in Encuentro is probably one of the nicest thing in the world.

For beginners we recommend surf shoes.

Transfers are organised with the local taxi-minibuses (Guaguas), and the price of the ride (to be determined) shared between the amount of participants. Full blast Merengue music guaranteed on the way to the spot, for maximum energy and positive vibes!

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Surf & SUP Equipment ION Club Cabarete

The Buena Onda Surfschool offers a wide range of about 70 Exodus surfboards.
Sizes from 4.7 until 10.0 and all board shapes from hard boards to soft boards.

Safety in practicing Surf & SUP Cabarete

During winter time the shorebreak can be a bit higher. You are perfectly safe, as the spot is protected by a closed end of the bay and one of the ION CLUB team members always keeps a watchful eye on you. In case there is an emergency we use our rescue boat.


ION CLUB Cabarete works together with an experienced partner in surfing. Toni has been running his surf school Buena Onda directly at the famous Encuentro surf spot for a long time. Lessons usually take place between 8am and 12pm.
We would be happy to organise a shuttle to the spot for you.

A word about

ION CLUB Cabarete

"The most beautiful land that human eyes have seen"

This famous quote from Christopher Columbus when he discovered the island of Hispaniola in 1492 sums it up quite nicely we believe. Today Cabarete is a windsurfers and kitesurfers paradise, situated on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, about 40 km from Puerto Plata International Airport.

The kitesurf, windsurf and surf spot is fuelled by Tradewinds and Atlantic swells throughout the entire year. The Tradewinds are accelerated by a proximate mountain-range.  The spot was discovered by windsurfers and surfers in the early eighties.

Our ION CLUB Center at the Frontloop Restaurant is located in the western/downwind part of Cabarete bay and is our Homebase for Kitesurf and Windsurf activities. The second base is our ION CLUB Center at Plaza Caribwind, it is located in the eastern/upwind part of Cabarete bay. Here you find a more protected windsurfing area ideal for beginners and intermediates as well as for Stand up Paddling.

The two centers are 5 minutes walking distance away from each other.



December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September


The wind is modest in the morning and gains strength at midday under the influence of the trade wind. The best wind conditions are in January–March and June–September. The offshore reef is about 600 meters off the beach and the flat water stretching inbetween is all that slalom enthusiasts could wish for. From May–October the wind blows mainly sideshore from the right at 4-5 Beaufort. From November–April it mainly blows cross-offshore from the right and is less constant, but instead wave freaks can ride down waves up to 4 meters high.


From November to April , the conditions are perfect for intermediate wave riders and wave freaks. Upwind of the center there is a shallow water section where beginners and intermediates feel comfortable and the tuition conditions are excellent. Beginners and intermediates can practice close to the shore while more experienced windsurfers can conquer the waves on the reef.


By plane to Aeropuerto Internacional de Gregorio Luperon

The first one is "Aeropuerto Internacional de Gregorio Luperon" in Puerto Plata on the North Coast of the island about 30 km west of Cabarete which is a 25 minute drive passing Sosua, 10 kms away from Cabarete. Taxi services are available at all times as well as car rental services with Avis, Hertz, Europcar, National and more. There are many Charter and regular flights coming in to Puerto Plata airport from Europe and worldwide.

By plane to Aeropuerto Internacional Las Americas de Jose Francisco Pena Gomez

Secondly there is the international airport of Santo Domingo "Aeropuerto Internacional Las Americas de Jose Francisco Pena Gomez", in the capital on the southern coast of Dominican Republic, which is 150 km and 2 hours-drive on a Highway away from Santiago - the 2nd biggest city of the island in the Cibaovalley on the north coast - which again will lead to Cabarete over the northern chain of mountains on smaller roads in about 1,5 hours (110 kms). Transfer from Santo Domingo to Cabarete by car takes about 4 hours.
Taxi services such as car rentals like Avis, National, Hertz, Europcar are available at all times. Rented cars can be returned at the airport of Puerto Plata.

By plane to Aeropuerto International de Cibao in Santiago

The third Airport called Aeropuerto International de Cibao in Santiago, a good hour transfer to Cabarete. For guests travelling from the eastern European countries eg. Russia, Poland, Croatia, etc. it is recommended to take a connecting flight to the closest and most convenient airport in a European city first and then fly directly to Puerto Plata. Guests from South America have to travel via New York or Miami, USA or San Juan, Puerto Rico to catch a schedule flight from there to Puerto Plata or Santo Domingo. Generally we recommend to fly to Puerto Plata and not to Santo Domingo, because it's closer to Cabarete and therefore a lot more convenient.

Plaza Caribwind Calle Principal de Cabarete 57000, Cabarete, Dominican Republic


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