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Tarifa is located on the southernmost tip of the European continent, where the Strait of Gibraltar and the African coast are so close that they almost touch. Due to the jet effect of the Strait the winds get additional force and acceleration so that they easily reach up to 8 beau fort on top days. No doubt Tarifa is one of the best spots in Europe with almost a 100% wind guarantee. However, you are never alone here, in July and August the beaches are packed with windsurfers and kitesurfers.

wind and waves

In Tarifa there are two main wind directions. From the east, the Levante which blows cross offshore to sideshore from the left and up to around 30 knots. There are no waves during the Levante. With the strong winds during the summer months the water is really flat. The Poniente blows sideshore to side-onshore from the west bringing choppy water. Waves during the summer months are an exception. In autum, spring and winter there can be really challenging conditions.

the centers

With our two ION CLUB centers, we cater for all windsurfing skill levels and all windforces:
The center at “Valdevaqueros” is located near the huge Dune amidst lush vegetation and on a beautiful sandy beach. Due to the protected bay, all levels can be taught depending upon the wind force. The shorebreak can be stronger in autumn at onshore wind (Poniente). Beginners tuition depends upon the wind conditions and cannot be guaranteed. The ION CLUB Valdevaqueros offers windsurfing and kitesurfing. The kite spot is directly upwind of the windsurfing spot. There is no disputing the fact that our ION CLUB Valdevaqueros the best windsurfing spot at Tarifa.

At the "Hurricane" center situated directly at the Hurricane Hotel we offer windsurfing rental and tuition. Depending on conditions, we either teach kitesurfing at the beach "Dos Mares", on the left side of the Hurricane Hotel, or at the beach of "Valdevaqueros". Our students get there with a free shuttle transfer. Storage of kitesurf equipment is also possible at our Hurricane center. The water is flat or choppy during summer, bigger waves (2 m) can be found in autumn and spring. Shorebreak is only possible with onshore wind (Poniente). Close to the shore is a small wind shadow but once you‘ve crossed it, the Levante (cross offshore) can be surfed nicely. As there are stones on the beach and in the water, we recommend wearing surf shoes.
Both centers offers tapas bars with ample space to relax. During the whole season you can switch between the two centres whenever you like.


We offer kids instructions at our ION CLUB center located at the Hurricane Hotel, when the conditions are suitable.


Ion Club Ambassador Program

Our ION CLUB Ambassador Program is inviting you to help us to help our teams today and to windsurf and/or kitesurf with us tomorrow.


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