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The spot in golf de roses

Golf de Roses is not only a perfect choice for a family vacation but has also a lot to offer couples and groups. Several sand banks in the water turn the spot into a semi-shallow water area with the huge fine sandy beach sloping gently into the water. In the morning, when the wind is light, the spot is a paradise for kids and beginners. Our motivated professional instructors teach children from the age of 6 upwards. Light rigs and stable boards make their first attempts “easy-peasy”. Thanks to the cross-onshore wind nobody can drift; nevertheless our life boat is always ready. Here, beginners, intermediates and experienced windsurfers can easily make progress. In the high season months (July and August) signs and buoys clearly mark the windsurfing and kitesurfing areas so that nobody gets in each others way. Swimmers can enter the water on the left hand side of the windsurf zone.

Wind and waves

In the warmer months, a thermal wind from the south east is the main wind in the Bay of Roses. During the last few years, the southwind “Garbi” has blown more often, and increases the thermal effect. The “Tramontana” from the north normally blows in the cooler months, however, it can also create strong winds in midsummer for days. In front of the ION CLUB center it blows sideshore from the left. On good days, impressive waves build up near the shore. From May to September, the thermal wind is very reliable. It happens more and more often that the wind turns in the late afternoon to sideshore from the right and reaches up to 6 beaufort.

The center

The ION CLUB center is located on the premises of the camping ground “Ballena Alegre 2”. In case you do not stay on this camping ground, you can park your car in front of the reception and walk to the center. For all ION CLUB guests is the parking free for the first 3 hours. The center is very spacious with its own surf shop offering surf equipment and the latest beach and surf wear.


Golf de Roses is the perfect spot for kids instruction, a place where many families make their holidays. There is a camping site and appartements/holiday houses very close to the center. The water is shallow for about 50 meters. In the mornings there are light winds which offer the perfect conditions for kids. The wind is side onshore, that means very safe and the kids do not have to be afraid to drift to the open sea. Instructors, shallow warm water, light winds and special kids equipment allows kids to improve very quickly.

Surf’n & Play

Each day the kids learn one sport during 1.5 hour. On the fourth and last day we will repeat the sport which the kids liked most. Prerequisites: each child must be able to swim and must not be afraid of the sea. The courses take place in very small groups with a maximum number of 4 children.

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