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Our center ION CLUB Santa Maria is located right on the beautiful beach of Santa Maria. With the finest sandy beaches and boundless space, we can proudly say that we have by far the best location in the bay. At this center we offer Kitesurfing rental and lessons, as well as rental and lesson for surfing and SUP. Windsurf beginner lesson are available here, same as windsurf equipment rental for big boards (146 liter and above). From here also our Taxi-Shuttle to kitebach is organized.

Kitesurfing: the spot in front of the ION CLUB Santa Maria is due to the conditions only for experienced Kitesurfers. However ION CLUB guests can ride upwind from the Santa Maria center to enjoy the perfect flat water on the inside or the waves at the point. For less experienced kitesurfer we recommend to kite at Kitebeach (few minutes by Taxi; can be arranged with us).

Our second center ION CLUB Ponta Leme is situated on the east side of the bay of Santa Maria and is about 10 minutes walk from the ION CLUB Santa Maria. At ION CLUB Ponta Leme we offer windsurfing (lesson, rental, storage), Surf and SUP lessons and rental.

In front of the ION CLUB Ponta Leme there is a more constant wind due to the lower wind cover. Here is also the ideal entry to the Wavespot which gave our Center its name - due to the offshore wind, ones expect here the best wave conditions. The shorebreak normally is a little weaker at ION CLUB Ponta Leme. Nevertheless, we offer our Shorebreak service at both ION CLUB.


Opening Time // Hours

Santa Maria: 19. October 2019 - 31. May 2020, daily 9.00am - 05.00pm
Ponta Leme: 19. October 2019 - 31. May 2020, daily 9.00am - 05.00pm


Team Windsurfing // Kitesurfing

Fabian Recio Wermter, Juliane Metsch, Zakariya Azzhir & Team


Englisch, French, german, Italian, Spanish, Arabic


Sideshore from the left, cross offshore



  • Kitesurf-Equipment-Rental and -Training are only available at ION CLUB Santa Maria
  • Windsurf-Equipment-Rental is only available at ION CLUB Ponta Leme
  • Shorebreak Service at both ION CLUB



Steamer or Shorty


not necessary


Wetsuit, Harness, Helmet, Life Jacket, Surfshoes rental only limited availability, please bring your own, if you have.

Best Travelperiod

February & March

Special Rental Rates // Joker Voucher

Mai, October & November

Non-Consecutive Days

October to May

Surf’n & Play

not available


Windsurf-Equipment Storage available at ION CLUB Ponta Leme


not available

cover+ (Windsurf)

2020:  1 Week = 50 Euro, 2 Weeks = 75 Euro, 3 Weeks = 95 Euro

The Cover+ package covers all damages to the rented windsurf equipment. Loss or damage arising from gross negligence is not covered.

cover+ (Kitesurf)

2020:  1 Week = 55 Euro, 2 Weeks = 95 Euro, 3 Weeks = 125 Euro

The Cover+ package covers all damages to the rented kitesurf equipment. Loss or damage arising from gross negligence is not covered.

Payment Possibilities

Euro, local currency, Visa & Mastercard. In most Bars, Restaurants and Banks in Santa Maria only VISA is accepted. But at ION CLUB you can pay with Visa & MasterCard.

Sport // Activities

Video Teaching, Windsurf-Safaris & Wave-Excursions (for advanced Windsurfer), Fishing Trips, Surfing, SUP, ION CLUB Happy Hour, ION CLUB Welcome Cocktail


Windsurf Details

Amount Boards // Sails Ponta Leme

approx. 60 Boards, 80 Sails (3,0 m² - 6,9 m²)


complete tuition program

Windsurfing Kids & Youngsters Equipment



Kitesurf Details

Amount Boards // Kites

approx.. 25 Boards, 40 Kites (3.0m² - 18m²), 1x Kitefoil

Kitesurf Tuition

complete tuition program



Amount Boards

approx. 10 boards

News & More


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