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Opening Time // Hours

01.05.2020 - 15.10.2020, daily 9.30 am - 06.00 pm

Team Windsurfing

Manolis Kritsiotis & Team


German, English, Greek, Czech, Polish, French, Italian, Slovenian, Slovakian

Wind Direction

Sideshore from the left, cross offshore


Second center for beginners and intermediates in the Chicken Bay


Steamer or shorty

Surf Shoes



Harness, wetsuit, life vest, helmet and surf shoes rental is limited, therefore we recommend to bring your own accessories

Best Travel Period

May, June and September especially for beginners, in July and August strong wind days must be expected in the Chickenbay

Special Rental Rates

May & October

Non-Consecutive Days

June & September

Surf’n & Play

Not available at the moment


Possible in the Gunbay (1 board 4 sails)

W-Lan connection

Yes, at the Anemos Bar

cover+ (WS)

2020: 1 week = 50 Euro, 2 weeks = 75 Euro, 3 weeks = 95 Euro

The Cover+ package covers all damage to your board and sail. Loss or damage arising from gross negligence is not covered.

Payment Possibilities

Euro, NO CREDIT CARDS, Traveller Checks. Attention: at most taverns (including Anemos) its only possible to pay cash

Mountain Bike Details

Approx. 25 Bikes, Scott Genius 750, Scott Spark 760, Scott Scale 760 (S/M/L/XL), 4 road bikes Scott

Windsurfing Details
Quantity Boards // Rigs

Approx. 150 Fanatic Boards from 60 l to 235 l, 220 Rigs (1,0 m² - 7,8 m²) Duotone Super Hero, Super Session HD, E-Type and NOW (2.4 m² - 2,8 m²) , 2 x Windsurffoil 


Complete Windsurfing tuition program

Windsurfing Kids & Youngsters Equipment


Sport // Activities

Video Clinic, Beach Volleyball, Slack line, Table Soccer, SUP, Climbing Courses, Mountain Biking Rental and Guided Tours, Combination of Climbing or Mountain Biking and Windsurfing, ION CLUB Welcome Cocktail, BBQ and Parties at Club Anemos, Yoga&Massage

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