A) Inside the lagoon in front of the Center

This wave breaks very nicely in big swell, especially during high tide, but isn't dangerous, as inside the lagoon, waves and currents are rather harmless. It is suitable for beginners, but there are some corals underground and the spot works only in bigger swells. Safety from the Beach with boat always ready.

B) the small reef in front of the RIU hotel resort

Another wave breaking on a mix of stones and corals, but not really hardcore in small swells. It is a right (breaks from right to left when looking from the beach) that works best with northwinds, offshore winds, or no wind during middle to high tide. This small reef is about 400 meters from the beach, which implies either a strong paddling to go there and come back, or rather the use of one of the boats at our disposal, especially for beginners and classes overall. Safety will be guaranteed with Walkie Talkies and boat on the spot itself, close to the students.

C) One-eye …. The worldfamous one

Right in front of hotel Berjaya, One Eye is a really fast and tuby left, reserved exclusively to experts. It breaks on a really shallow coralreef with a lot of sea urchins, and sometimes serious current. Works best at high tide and with light off shore south-east to northeast winds.

One eye is a symbol on the island, a wave respected by all hot local surfers, so if you want to surf there, you'de better be both good and tough at the peak. Great place for our guests to take pictures of the pros facing the walls of water of One eye!

We don´t offer rental to One-Eye!

D) Manawa

About 2 km out in front of the RIU Hotel Resort, Manawa is another spot for more advanced and experts surfers. By small swells elsewhere, this spot still picks up a lot more and offers even bigger waves. A very nice left breaking on a coral reef, but not as fast and tuby as One-eye, Manawa has a serious reputation too, and often requires a boat due to the strong currents you have to face to reach the wave itself.

E) Tamarin

Located about 20 km north of the RIU Hotel Resort, Tamarin is a very popular left that first breaks on a reef, and then on a sandy bottom. It can become the longest ride you can conceive, but it needs quite a big swell to work properly. This break is also very good for beginners, as long as you stay close to the sandy beach (no current to pull you behind the wave).

Transfer to Tamarin can be organised with a taxi. One taxi with 4 guests shouldn't cost no more than € 10 euros per person.


NO, not enough space


There are two kinds of surfers, the hunters and the hunted, and Spot X is what you are hunting. It's about paddling to the wave rather than just taking waves that come to you. It means you'll have a greater success rate when you try to catch waves and you'll always have priority on a busy day. It takes awareness and agility in the water but it's a skill you can practice right from the first day you paddle out the back.

Course Levels
Which course is suitable for which guest?

The following explanation is intended to help allocate guests to the appropriate courses according to the
skills they possess.
There are three skill steps for students.


  • No or little surf experience
  • Learning the safety rules
  • Learning board position, paddling, stand-up (take off)
  • Surfing white water waves


  • some surf experience
  • Can steer the board (Ieft/right)
  • able to catch small, or white water waves


  • some surfing experience and wants to improve
  • Knows how duck dive/get out to the back
  • Rides white water waves

Our courses offer something for everyone and for every skill level. Besides the practical element, we put high emphasis on surfing theory, such as safety rules, waves and the ocean and the surf equipment.

Discovery Lesson - 2 Hrs

The Discovery Lesson consists of one course unit (2 hours) in which guests are introduced to all relevant aspects of surfing. It is suited for all levels. Beginners get to know the important and basic steps, intermediates and advanced get a recap on their level and the lessons content gets adjusted to their skills.

Taster Lesson - 6 Hrs

Aside from general surfing skills, this course shows the students helpful techniques to improve their take off, standing and surfing abilities. Furthermore they learn important theory about surfing and rules on how to behave in the water.

Full On - 10 Hrs

In the Full On course, students will learn all the basic skills they need to know about surfing, including all techniques which will enable them to become a surfer. Apart from theory, they will also learn advanced skills such as making turns and will surf unbroken, green waves.

The Full On course is built onto the Taster course.

Private Lesson - Beginner to advanced

Private lessons are pre-bookable in I hr sessions. This is an excellent option for students who want to
have an intensive one-to-one-customised surf course, or work on a specific topic. Within the course
they are free to choose their topic.

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