Windsurfing Tarifa

Windsurfing arrived in Spain during the early '80s, which is when Tarifa started developing its touristic side and its reputation as a windsurfing Mecca. Thanks to some important events organised along Tarifa's beaches in the 80s and the 90s, such as the World Championship in 88', Tarifa became the famous windsurfing destination it is today. Read more....


Kitesurfing Tarifa

Within the growing worldwide kite scene, Tarifa is one of the absolute capitals of the sport. Tarifa is probably the best spot for kitesurfing in Spain and among the best kitespots all over the world because it offers so many different conditions, suiting beginners as well as experts. Read more...

Stand Up Paddle (SUP)

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Tarifa

One of the main reasons people are drawn to Stand Up Paddling is the fact that really everybody is able to learn how to paddle in a very short time, but nobody will ever reach a point where there is actually nothing more to discover about it. Read more...

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Latest News

Kitesurfing Freeride Camps in Tarifa

During our Kite Freeride Camp, "time on the water" is our top priority. Our experienced Trainers will help you to master all the necessary basic and intermediate skills necessary to ride independently and safely. From going upwind, to jibing, all the way to the first jumps! For all of you able to Waterstart and looking forward to improve your Kitesurfing together with a group of likeminded people, our Freeride Camps are just ideal!

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Team 2017

We proudly present... Our Team in Tarifa for 2017! Since not everybody made it on the picture, here is our complete staff list for 2017. We´re all looking forward to welcome you in Tarifa and are highly motivated to make your stay with us THE Kiteboarding, Windsurfing or Stand Up paddle Trip of your year 2017!

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Our experienced trainers will challenge you to spend more time on the water than ever ...

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Mallorca XPERIENCE EVENT // Sailing and Stand Up Paddling

For 2017, Chris Ziaja at ION CLUB Tarifa has already pencilled two dates into the calendar for sailing and stand up paddling. ...

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ion club tarifa // unconditionally movie


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ion club home of surfing elements // 365 days

It is hard to believe but it is one year ago that we made our new start...

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ION CLUB Tarifa // Foilboarding Valdevaqueros

Everybody is talking about it! Foil Boarding, Foiling or Kiteboarding on a Foil. However you want to call it, Foil Boarding is the new Trend in Kiteboarding! Like every new Trend Foil Boarding developed from being very "experimental" and let´s be honest, not entirely safe, to a nowadays very accessible and breathtaking new form of Kiteboarding.

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Tarifa situated in the middle of gigantic nature park is a great place for all sorts of watersports!

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ION CLUB TARIFA // Equipment Storage

From the 01.07.2016 we offer a complete new equipment storage area for all our guest who like to bring their own gear to Tarifa. Our Equipment lockers come in 3 different sizes...


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Proudly present at the ION CLUB Hurricane... 

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Air : 26°C
Water : 20°C
Wind : 3 BFT / 8 KN

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