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Northkiteboarding LogoSince 2001 North Kiteboarding is involved in the development of kites, kiteboards and accessories. From the very beginning North Kiteboarding became a leading brand on the market thanks to both the innovative design and high quality.

The NKB team strives to create pioneering and high quality products, always one step ahead at the forefront of the kiteboarding industry. In order to integrate the latest global trends, our products are tested and developed by NKB team-riders and designers. North Kiteboarding immediately assimilates new trends and styles, and has set new standards from the very outset, thanks to the high level of both team riders and designers. Amongst these innovations and standards are the patented Fifth-line-system, several security features as well as top-level shapes of kites and boards. That is why ION Club is the number 1 school partner of North Kiteboarding from the beginning.

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Air : 26°C
Water : 20°C
Wind : 5 BFT / 18 KN

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