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Tarifa Kitesurfing Image Taken From KiteKitesurfing, also known as kiteboarding is still one of the fastest growing watersports at the moment and there are more and more people discovering it every year. The great advantage of kitesurfing, compared to other watersports is that it is relatively easy and fast to learn. Most of the people booking in for a kite course, only need a couple of kitesurfing lessons to reach the level they need to rent kiteboarding equipment or to go kiting independently.

Within the growing worldwide kite scene, Tarifa is one of the absolute capitals of the sport. Tarifa is probably the best spot for kitesurfing in Spain and among the best kitespots all over the world because it offers so many different conditions, suiting beginners as well as experts.

Tarifa's beaches are a privileged spot for kitesurfing thanks to its location, right in between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, which provides Tarifa with winds coming from both directions. The westerly winds called Poniente and the easterly wind called Levante, are blowing with much consistency throughout the year, creating a Mekka for every kite enthusiast.

Kitesurfing In Tarifa ImageEvery kiter or kitesurfer looking for warm summer temperatures, wind consistency and long party nights, has to visit Tarifa at least once. But not only are the kite conditions on the water outstanding. Tarifa offers an infrastructure and perfect combination of kitespots, long beaches, kiteboarding Shops, restaurants and bars as well as a vast choice of possibilities of other sports as well.

Kiteboarding professionals from all over the world made Tarifa their top choice for their summer training for a good reason. During the summer months Tarifa has almost 100% wind for kiting. Although often light in the morning, during the afternoon the thermic kicks in and the kites go up.

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Air : 26°C
Water : 20°C
Wind : 5 BFT / 18 KN

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