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Windsurfer Jumping In Tarifa ImageWindsurfing arrived in Spain during the early '80s, which is when Tarifa started developing its touristic side and its reputation as a windusurfing Mecca. Thanks to some important events organised along Tarifa's beaches in the 80s and the 90s, such as the World Championship in 88', Tarifa became the famous windsurfing destination it is today.

We are often asked which is the best season to come to Tarifa for windsurfing, or to get the most out of windsurfing lessons. We think Tarifa is an ideal spot all year long, depending on what you are looking for.

In summer, days of strong eastern wind (Levante) alternate with thermic western wind (Termico), picking-up in the afternoon, and the water is normally flat or "choppy".

Windsurfer Jibing In Tarifa ImageFrom October to April you can have both stormy whether with strong western wind (Poniente) and big waves, as well as days of strong Levante, also with waves. These are perfect windsurfing conditions for experienced windsurfers who love riding the waves. Nevertheless, it is also possible to have less radical windsurfing conditions and no waves in some more protected spots along the beach.

Thanks to our two centers, one at "Valdevaqueros" Beach and the other at the "Hurricane Hotel", we offer you the chance to make the most out of your stay in Tarifa. These two locations are exposed to very different windsurfing conditions and when you rent equipment with us you can choose from our wide range of the newest gear at the center with conditions which best suits you.

Come and enjoy this wonderful spot with us!

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Air : 26°C
Water : 20°C
Wind : 5 BFT / 18 KN

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