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Tarifa windsuurfing ImageFor all of your wishing to learn how to windsurf or to improve your windsurfing skills, our center in Tarifa offers a vast lesson program for you to choose from.

All our windsurfing lessons are offered in Spanish, English, German, Italian and French language and are held by internationally certified and experienced windsurf instructors.

Our standard daily Windsurf lesson times are 11.00 a.m, 02.00 p.m. and 04.30 p.m. In addition to those windsurf lessons scheduled on a daily basis, we're offering several individually designed windsurf lessons throughout the day.

Due to the more gentle wind conditions in the mornings, in Tarifa we try to organize all our Windsurf Beginner Lessons around 11.00 a.m. At this time Tarifa often offers perfect windsurf conditions for the not so experiences windsurfers amongst you.

During the afternoon the wind usually get's a lot stronger and therefore creates a perfect windsurfing playground for the Intermediate and Advanced Windsurfers. The 02.00 p.m. and 04.30 p.m. windsurf lessons mostly covering waterstarting, planning in the footstraps or the famous Carve Jibe.

Of course all our Windsurf lessons are tailored around your individual needs and wishes, the following list will help you to orientate yourself a little better and make choosing the correct Windsurf Course more easy for you.

  • Level 1: Beginner
  • Experience: None, or very little windsurf experience
  • Need to learn: Windsurfing independently in light winds. Tacking and going upwind. Beachstarts and the use of the harness
  • Courses for you: Grouplessons with a maximum of 6 windsurfers per instructor. Each Windsurfsession will take 2 hours. After 3-5 sessions you should be good to go.
  • Ideal Voucher: 250€ Lucky Rider Card

  • Level 2: Intermediate
  • Experience: Windsurfing independently without drifting. Beachstarts are nor problem anymore and the you know how to use the harness in light winds
  • Need to learn: Waterstarts & Windsurfing in the Footstraps
  • Courses for you: Semi Private Windsurf Lessons with only 2 Students per Instructor. Ideally Semi Private lessons are combined with a windsurfing rental package to provide you with enough practice time in between the lessons.
  • Ideal Voucher: 350€ Lucky Rider Card

  • Level 3: Advanced
  • Experience: Waterstarts & Windsurfing in the footstraps
  • Need to learn: Carve Jibes or any other form of Jibe, Jumping or any modern freestyle move
  • Courses for you: Private Windsurf Lessons only you and your instructor. Ideally Private lessons are combined with a windsurfing rental package to provide you with enough practice time in between the lessons.
  • Ideal Voucher: 350€ Lucky Rider Card

Windsurfing In Tarifa ImageThe list above, is meant to help you finding the right lesson program in Tarifa for you. However, as a Voucher guest, you don't need to decide for a certain windsurfing lesson package right now. You will remain fully flexible and able to join any windsurfing lesson offered on site.

Group / Semi Private Windsurfing Lessons
2 Hours Group Lesson €60 BUY
6 Hours Group Lesson €130 BUY
10 Hours Group Lesson €220 BUY
2 Hours Semi Private €90 BUY
6 Hours Semi Private €220 BUY
10 Hours Semi Private €350 BUY
Private Windsurf Lessons
1 Hour Private Lesson €80 BUY
2 Hours Private Lesson €150 BUY
6 Hours Private Lesson €410 BUY
10 Hours Private Lesson €600 BUY
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Wind : 5 BFT / 18 KN

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